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 I don't really think that's a thing.
 I don't really see anything crooked/odd about them in the picture, but that's just me. I really like them.  Definitely would pick them over the Rutledge personally. What last are they on?  That may have been answered already, sorry.
 If you can get your hands on some of the old AE Cognac premium polish, it's much closer to the actual Walnut color than the Walnut polish is.  I have two tubes/bottles of it. The stuff is amazing. Wish they still sold it on their website.
If anyone sees a pair of these in 9E or something close, I will gladly compensate you to proxy them for me.
FYI, the Maritime and Kirkwood are once again on sale for $125 in golden brown and navy (the two colors they are apparently not discontinuing).  I highly recommend grabbing a pair or three.
 Darn, would love a pair of Chili Daltons for the current sale price. Thanks for the info.
Probably a dumb question that I should already know the answer to, but during the Nordstrom sale does AE only price match the colors that Nordstrom has?
 Agreed.  The black edge/trim was the main reason why I would never even touch the MacNeil.  Now I am seriously considering a pair of the 2.0s.
 Agreed.  Saying "switching to a slimmer cut is always a good idea" is not exactly accurate.  Especially with some of the ridiculous fit pics I have seen on this site and on others with skin tight jeans and comparatively clownish shoes.
Man . . . between the Father's Day sale and the recent clearance additions, and after receiving/returning many pairs of shoes to ensure the right size, I can't believe I've currently settled on . . . 3 pairs of Maritimes (golden brown, dark brown, and navy) and a pair of Kirkwoods (dark brown)!  Surely no man needs that many boat shoes.  I'm a big boat shoe kind of guy, and figure the quality/price ratio (i.e. value) may not come around again anytime soon.  Beautiful CXL...
New Posts  All Forums: