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 Haha.  It's ok, great pics!  Maybe someday I'll plop down the money for an individual MTO.
Still very jealous that I'll never get a pair of those.
I certainly get what you're saying. I had thought about that too, that going down to a seven might make them too narrow. In all honesty, you are probably correct. It's possible that I just won't find the perfect fit on a stock size Galway.
Great minds think alike.
Probably going to, yes.They are the stock brown grain ones, not a shell GMTO.
 I'm right at ~ US 8.5E. In AE, I tend to wear 8.5E in most lasts (a few shoes I have in 9E). Rancourt shell loafers are 9D and fit reasonably well. OSB CXL loafers in 8.5D are good with socks but too loose barefoot. I own two pairs of Pembrokes (tan and dark brown) and agonized over sizing initially.  Settled on 7.5E UK and it turns out they're pretty good.  7E might work ok too, but the size down may be a tad narrow for me.  Wearing the 7.5E Galways feel a good bit...
After wearing my Galways around the house some more, I realize that I should've gone with a 7 E UK rather than 7.5. Even though the 7.5 Pembroke fits me well, the Galway in the same size (and last) feels too big. I'd hate to have to sell these but I already wore them out once so I can't return them. Really hoping my Lindricks in 7.5 don't result in the same problem.
Is there another one you're not telling us about?People have indeed been talking about the BB sale.
 I've only done it once, and it was to ship a pair back to C&J.  I think it cost ~$60.  I only looked at UPS (>$100) and USPS mostly due to laziness. I'd be interested to hear if someone has a better method as well.
In a perfect world I would probably go down half a size and up a width to get a more perfect fit. I don't have problems with the front lacing on the instep, but the lacing up the shaft of the boot is mostly closed with this size.
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