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 Colors are great here, but the photos unfortunately reaffirm in my mind how terribly shaped AE shoes on the 5 last truly are.  I love the brand to death, but refuse to own some of the more popular models (Strand, PA/FA, etc) because of how funny looking the 5 last is.
  How did I completely miss this GMTO??  I would've definitely jumped on a pair. They look great!
On the subject of lovers, I recently bought two pairs of casual non-Allen Edmonds. I wanted the McKinley, but the boat shoe style lacing around the side/back (and the reports of major sizing issues) turned me off. Ended up with a pair of Sperry Made in Maine loafers with a boat shoe sole . . . On eBay for $100, new (retail is ~$250) as they had been a display model but are in great condition. I also bought a pair of new Gold Cup Sperry beefroll loafers on Amazon that...
 I bought the Brooks Brothers version a few months ago.  It is the exact same leather color (which is easily the best of the 3 colors AE has used for the Shaker Heights boot) but the navy/red/green tartan pattern instead of the tweed.  I was a little hesitant about even wearing them out in public, but have gotten consistent compliments on them (and I'm being serious, I've worn them 4 times and have had ~10 people comment on how cool/nice looking they are).  I work as a...
 I own these boots (the Brooks Brothers tartan one) and I don't think they're CXL, although I'm not the expert.  They are definitely not bourbon calf, though.
 Yeah where the heck are those prices coming from?
 Wow, awesome.  I bought them as firsts from BB for ~$210 during their huge Christmas sale.  At first I wasn't sure about them, and now I wear them every chance I get, and they've become one of my most complimented pairs of footwear.
 Ask them if you can buy a pair? I'm a tad confused by what you're looking for exactly in your post.
Agreed, I use cognac polish on my walnut AEs too. I bought two tubes of it last year when they were on clearance. I regret not buying more now. I haven't been able to find it reliably anywhere since they stopped making it.
 Do you happen to work for Ringling Brothers?
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