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 Won't load for me at all.
Haha. When all was said and done I ended up with 2 Maritimes and 1 Kirkwood.
 AE's old "cognac" color polish is pretty much spot on for their current walnut color.  Looks identical, no orange undertones.  Unfortunately it's hard to find, but if you do, jump on it. Otherwise, I alternate that with neutral AE polish.
So, as neo likes to mention, the RL Sanderson is my favorite AE-made shoe.  I own a pair in brown and a pair in tan (walnut).  Recently, I had the opportunity to get another pair in tan/walnut for a steal (a pair of "thirds" from dabondo in pristine condition except for a very minor superficial cut in the leather near the right medial shoe where it meets the welt).  So now I have two pairs, and this second pair has a v-tread outsole, so I considered making them "beater"...
 Absolutely not, in my opinion.  Dalton > First Ave.
 I typed Kenwoods but meant Kirkwoods.
  I had the same experience - bought the Maritime and the Kenwoods in the same size/width, and the Kenwood felt a bit tight across the strap.  After 2-3 wears (for a few hours each), the strap has already loosened up a bit for me and they seem notably less snug.
 I have Delrays in old chili and really like it . . . but there's just something about walnut that really appeals to me.
Anyone else disappointed AE doesn't make the Delray or Lasalle in Walnut?
 How much were the bags each?
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