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 Nice!  How'd you get them to honor that price? I ordered a pair of walnut Daltons on the second day of the sale, just before the price went up.  Love the boots so much.
 Wow, were you exceptionally hard on them with frequent wear?  The double leather sole seems pretty darn solid on mine.  It would take some work to get to the point where they needed a re-sole. Either way, nice to see them getting some wear!  One of my favorite AE (RL) shoes ever.
 I wear chinos and a button down + whitecoat at work every day.  No tie, no sport jacket/suit. I wear suits for wedding, and in that case I usually wear my black plain toe oxford (with a charcoal or navy suit) or my burgundy J&M Meltons (with a navy suit primarily).  I get such little use out of balmorals in general, otherwise I'd get a brown Carlyle or or saddle brown Vernon to wear with a navy suit.
  Great choice.  I'm wearing mine in tan!(Ignore the ratty cotton navy socks.  I was planning on wearing boots this morning but opted for loafers at the last minute)  
I was figuring out which shoes to wear this morning, when I suddenly realized that my shoe collection/wardrobe has exploded since I bought my first pair of AEs in 2011.  Prior to that, I was wearing a pair of awful Kenneth Cole square-toed monstrosities.  My first AEs were a pair of chili Delrays, and I was hooked since.  Here's a list of my collection, since I can't take a pic of them as I'm at work:   1. Delray - chili 2. Lasalle - brown 3. Delray - brown 4. Bradley...
Those of you with dark brown grain Long Branches . . . how do you care for them?  I own Obenaufs HDLP that I used on a pair of old beater boots, but don't want to ruin the color/whatever of these LBs.  I have AE Leather Lotion which I applied and seemed to soften the leather slightly, but the overall appearance is still kind of dull/boring.  I tried a bit of neutral AE premium polish but it just kinda soaks into the leather and doesn't change anything at all even with...
Here's my new pair. Not the best photo, but to answer the question, the light color toe you see in pics isn't evident on mine.
 This could also be explained by the fact that one pair of shoes is brand new (and more than just the sole contributes to how "soft" the shoe feels when walking), and the other has been worn multiple times.
 See my post in response to Fat Tuesday above.  Unfortunately, those pictures are outdated.  For a better representation of how they've changed the dark brown LBs (for the worse, IMO), check the current RDA catalog.
 Hope this gets to you in time . . . but the current dark brown LBs have the same sole as your CXL ones.  It's the new sole they use on all the LBs now.   The "before" pictures I posted above are of a previous version of dark brown LBs.  They are no longer sold (unless you get super lucky and find a pair of old stock seconds).
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