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 Gotcha!  Hadn't considered the import/custom fees (and did not know where you live).
 Agree with this. I do wish C&J's current "whiskey" shell looked more like their old whiskey, and not like Allen Edmond's "walnut" shell looked like a few years ago.  But that's just personal preference!
I know money doesn't grow on trees, but it almost seems silly to pull out of a GMTO just because the price will go from ~$691 to ~$717 USD.  Percentage-wise it's a very small increase.     I do understand the bad taste it leaves in your mouth knowing the price could have been a tad lower.  But still . . . 
After your review of the fit, I'm glad I abstained. I'm an E width so I think they would kill my feet.Not sure about the Perdiswell. Maybe 1943?
Whiskey Friday! I have to admit that I'm still a little disappointed at the shade of whiskey we got, expecting a lighter more traditional hue closer to natural, or Rancourt's caramel. Despite that, this does fill a void in my collection, as I did not have a medium brown wingtip.
Really? My Long Branches are by far my lightest and most comfortable boot. I do appreciate that tastes differ with regards to the sole.
I have the white Vibram sole in a pair of moc toe boots I got from Ralph Lauren a couple years ago. Don't know who the manufacturer was, but they retailed for ~$400. Anyway, the sole edge still looks great. And if you're a hard wearer and they start to get dirty, they're not too difficult to clean.
Could you not perhaps use some black edge dressing to fix that issue pretty quickly?
 I'll be very honest, I always thought the whole "ship the shoe to the store near me so I can tell you if I want it or not" thing was pretty pompous/self serving.  I guess different strokes for different folks; it would really never cross my mind to ask this of the salespeople/factory workers.
 Welcome to the C&J club! If you find them being just a hair big but don't think a 6.5E is the way to go (or simply don't want the hassle of returning them and ordering new ones), a thin insole (I use a pair of Pedag terry cloth insoles) can make a world of difference and really lock in a comfortable fit.  This obviously goes for any shoe, not just C&J.  I find that with 1 or 2 of my C&J boots, unless I'm wearing overly thick Darn Tough boot socks, a thin insole helps...
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