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I'd very likely be in for a whiskey Lindrick or Skye 2.
Love my Humboldt Ave belts. I got natural and golden brown CXL (I wear a lot of both on my feet). Beautiful and great quality.
Nice! My chili Delrays are one of my favorite shoes (and my second pair of AEs ever). But people on here don't seem to like the style very much.
 I would definitely consider a whiskey Lindrick.  Probably wouldn't be in for the burgundy.
  Wonder where he got them, as they are clearly seconds.
Speaking of longwings, anyone know who makes this Brooks Brothers longwing?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Pebble-Leather-Wingtips/MH00502,default,pd.html       I assume not AE, and the sole says "Made in Italy."
This is one of the two main things I don't like about the Macneil that I mentioned earlier in this thread.
Wow. Amazing. I need those.
I actually spent much of the morning looking at Crockett and Jones footwear for this very reason.
I'm certainly not the expert or the final arbiter on the issue, but to my eye it is the Acheson. The toe stitching style and the presence of stitching around the heel match up with the Acheson rather than the Grayson, I think.Open to other opinions!
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