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Thanks for the feedback. I ordered Lindricks and whisky Marlow wingtips via the two GMTOs, so same last. Hoping they end up fitting correctly!
I always thought one of AE's stated points of pride was its vast array of sizes + widths. When you refuse to make those available to the customer in store, you completely undercut your sales mission.
Agreed. Does anyone know if I can order directly from the London store via phone? I emailed them about it and I'm currently waiting for a reply. I would imagine they would be able to process an order and send me a pair much more quickly than Pediwear.
Man, Pediwear's website has my size for the Pembroke listed as in stock. I ordered, and today they emailed me to tell me "we will be placing our next order from the factory in December and will let you know when to expect delivery."
 Shoprunner really is great.  It makes me feel like I'm much more important than I actually am.
As others know from my posting on here, I had a bear of a time trying to pin down my size. I tend to be 8.5E or 9E in US sizing. I've tried the RL Marlow in US sizes 8, 8.5, and 9.8 = too tight and narrow8.5 = pretty good all around fit, what I hope to emulate with GMTO orders9 = much too longI also own a pair of CJ for BB shoes on the 325 in size 8.5 and they fit well, like the 8.5 Marlows.Based on all this, Lauren recommended sizing down a half size to UK 8E. I had...
 I received an email with the code a few weeks ago.  I believe it was running for maybe the first three weeks in August (and I think expired yesterday).  It did not have anything to do with purchasing any type of coupon book.  It seems it was just due to me being on their email list.  Not sure if you had to be signed up already prior to them emailing the codes out a few weeks ago.
  Thanks, great to know!  I was hoping for speedier shipping just because I tend to be impatient, but now I see it's much much more worth it to be patient here. Is Pediwear the general consensus on ordering?  Or is there no such thing as a general consensus for that?
I have been sitting here really tempted to pull the trigger on a pair of brown CXL Higgins Mill boots.  I already have 3 different pairs of Daltons (but will be selling my dark brown ones as I am awaiting a pair of dark brown shell RL/CJ Lindricks), two pairs of Shaker Heights, and a pair of moc toe Ralph Lauren boots that resemble the Red Wing moc toe boots.  Plus regular LL Bean boots and a pair of shearling lined bison LL Bean boots.   I really don't need another pair...
It's $100 off right now.....
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