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Very nice, one of my favorite AE offerings. What size are they?
 Thanks for the input, I'll look into those. I had probably said at one point I was looking into getting both.  Actually, when I bought my Kenwoods, it was sort of by mistake.  I had been looking for those BB tartan loafers and wasn't sure what they were listed under, so when there was a sale I bought both the "Kenwood Brown/Blue" and the "Duke Chili Tartan Plug."  The latter was the one I was looking for, but I soon realized I had no actual occasion to wear them most...
Ok, someone please talk me down.   I already own the Brooks Brothers version of the Kenwood loafer shown here in brown grain leather:       And I am having serious thoughts about buying the Brooks Brothers football grain Dukes:     Seems pretty redundant, right?  I don't know why I still feel compelled to pick these up.  (Then again, I also entertained the thought of picking up a second pair of BB Shaker Heights with the tartan plaid, 'just because' they might...
  They are, for all intents and purposes, the Player 2.0.  I own them in dark chili and love them. There has been speculation as to what last they are on.  The old Players was on the 222.  I have the Ralph Lauren Sandersons in an E width (they were on the 222), but went with a EEE width for the Madison Parks, so it's hard for me to directly compare to see if the new ones are the same last.
 AE would have so much more of my money right now if they would have made the McTavish a longwing blucher.  As usual, I don't get their (intentional?) clash in levels of formality with the McTavish, as nice of a shoe as it is.  They make a rough, reverse welt gunboat wingtip a balmoral, and then make a patent leather blucher like the Mayfair.  Does not compute.
 They're made by AE for BB, as are all the "Brooks Brothers" shoes on the AE shoebank website.  The difference is indeed the sole.  They were not made with a normal leather sole for the AE website/stores (which is what I prefer).  Rather, AE sold them with a mini lug sole which I do not want on a loafer.  Therefore, the BB version (made by AE, which is generally implied on this thread) is what I'd like.
Anyone own the Brooks Brothers football grain Duke loafer?  I am realllllly tempted to pick up a pair, even though I already have brown grain Brooks Brothers Kenwood loafers.   I greatly prefer the BB version of the Duke to the AE version.  Anyone have any input on the matter and/or photos?   Thanks.
Definitely. I have a pair of LBs and quite a few pairs of Daltons, all in 9EEE. The Daltons look much sleeker and are not nearly as roomy as the LB.
 I think Paul (the CEO) said that their more recently made shoes are being produced with a higher gloss finishing.  Some people like this, some people don't.
 In my opinion, none.  A pair of nice calfskin plain toe balmorals (like the Carlyle) with a mirror shine on the toes looks as good or better, in my opinion (and I know I'm not alone).  Honestly, I think patent leather kinda looks cheapish (even the real expensive ones).  I originally bought a patent version of that TBNY Caine shoe I posted above, but returned them and opted for calfskin since they looked nicer, and would be more useful than just the rare occasion I'd wear...
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