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I apologize in advance for the abomination contained herein.   I recently got a MTM suit from Black Lapel (I had actually had a quite good experience with Indochino a few years ago, but wanted to try BL as they seem to have a slightly better rep).  I know, these online MTM aren't great, but I have an odd shape and it's impossible to find a suit off the rack that fits after tailoring.     I'm 5'7"/170lbs, bodybuilder/athletic build with a ~41" chest and 32" waist....
Going back to the Madison Park (Player 2.0?) in dark chili.... I already own the Dalton in the following colors: -walnut calf -dark chocolate calf -dark chili (brand new, unworn) -walnut shell -natural shell -brown grain Long Branch (similar style, so included here) I also own a brown and a walnut RL Sanderson longwing. I obviously like redundancy, but I think I have too much when it comes to wingtip boots. The Madison Park is about the exact price I paid for the dark...
By all accounts, vibram lug by quite a bit.
Can you post some pics of them before you return them for the other color?I was thinking about getting a pair in dark chili, actually, as I already have the RL Sanderson (long wing) in Walnut.
 Nordstrom Rack's website has them on sale for ~$150 right now.
FYI, the Brooks Brothers photos are up on the shoebank website now.
They are the ones with the plaid/tartan print. I'm wearing mine today, and love them.
Speaking of shearling, anyone know why these are listed as "brown and red"?  Look brown to me, I don't see any red anywhere:   http://www.allenedmonds.com/clothing/outerwear/gloves/rugged-shearling-glove/SFAE5033.html?dwvar_SFAE5033_color=AE5033#sz=58&start=27
 It's a peak lapel, I think his issue with it was that it was navy rather than black.
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