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Not much, but I picked up a nice Glen plaid jacket with a subtle red overcheck, that fits quite well. From a local tailor of Italian cloth, fully canvassed. Wore it immediately.
Hey, not sure how this should work, but I spotted these Alden tassel loafers today. 10D I think. Not my size and a tad expensive (for a thrift store...), but maybe PM if interested and we can work something out?      
Yeah, as a n00b it seems a tad like a, shall we say, 'old boys' network.   However, it is of course your own prerogative to deal with your friends as you see fit - but I just like being blown away by what some of you guys manage to find.
Exactly what I wanted to tell the wife - thanks!   "Sorry, hun, ain't worth nuthin!"
My first find of any note - an Ermenegildo Zegna "soft" navy blazer. I say blazer, but given it's a three-button I think it may be more likely an orphaned suit jacket (no pants were found). Regardless, I'll wear it as a blazer. Unless I can flip it on the 'Bay.   Oh, and a lovely Bugatti (?) bookbag/briefcase in brown leather.
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