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Thanks Roger.     Anyone has a houndstooth pair of socks in white and navy?   Something like this   Thanks Claudio
Good morning Gentlemen.      I'm looking for some pairs of houndstooth and some fancy socks. Any suggestions on any sites which have dots, stripe, argyle, herringbone etc socks?   Thank you Claudio
Gentlemen a very good morning.   Premise: I'm searching for a pair of Church's Kaber for winter. Yesterday I was at a mall with my wife, and in CINTI, a big shoe shop (very commercial) lokk what i saw for only 49 €!           If they weren't made of some undefined material and were produced in large stock I would have believed they were the Kabers. For fall they'll produce the whole "leather" model. GREAT bargain for 49 €    What do you...
  Suit designed by myself in "grisaglia" Oxford tailored shirt Black tie Church's brisbane
Something like this!
Good day Gentlemen.   Any of you have any idea where I can find a pair of kaber and if there's any similars in brown calf more "pointy" Claudio
Belive me WGP, I wuld have preferred to put boobs rather than shoes!
Hi there.   Pleased you liked them.I boght the nay ones with the moose in a shop in Rome for 150€ sale. Theyre from bowhills & elliot English made.   On herring shoes you can find them similars.
A very good day to you Gentlemen.     I'm new at this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Claudio, 29 y.o. and write from Rome Italy. I'm a Dentist and entrepreneur since I was very young. I love tailored clothes and shoes which I design personally, choose personally cloths and design the shapes ecc.   This year since I was little late, I bought the shoes and chose for the double monks and brogues which I never had. Today made the final...
Or a very similar model:   Any sites where they sell double monks? (not Crocket and Jones or herring) Thanks Claudio
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