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Are these mohair?
Baby Doc Duvalier is wearing what appears to be a French suit as well:
Have this man make it:
That recipe seems to call for rather specific brands of alcohol. I wonder if it will taste the same with other brands.
I have a vintage Budd formal shirt from what I expect is the '60s or early '70s. It has an hand-embroidered front instead of pleats so that does prove that Budd is amenable to less conservative things.
Were the sheets from Frette, Pratesi or Porthault? Porthault is unusually expensive even among these generally highly priced luxury sheet brands.
I shall try to post a photo. But yes, they are basically a strip of cloth that is placed ner the two ends of the collar. Imagine belt loops for a necktie.
I have a few Turnbull & Asser shirts which incorporate two strips of voile-like cloth that serve as a guide or loops for neckties. I've not seen this elsewhere. Is it an arcane feature?
That 375ml bottle of Carpano Antica went faster than I thought.
New Posts  All Forums: