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I have a few Turnbull & Asser shirts which incorporate two strips of voile-like cloth that serve as a guide or loops for neckties. I've not seen this elsewhere. Is it an arcane feature?
That 375ml bottle of Carpano Antica went faster than I thought.
I made myself an Armagnac Fix: Marie Duffau Napoleon Armagnac Lime Small Hand Foods Pineapple gomme syrup Green Chartreuse
I've noticed that the vast majority of double cuffs have the holes placed in the middle. In my opinion this conceals the cufflink when the jacket is worn. Turnbull & Asser seems to do the hole almost near the edge, about 75% versus the 50% of most shirts.
Armagnac can be quite interesting to mix with. Sort of like a rhum agricole.
What is the quality of older Mauri?
I have some mohairs which are definitely not summer weights. They are more fall/winter weights but the sheen does suggest a kind of airiness.
I like the Barked bezels they used to have,
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