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You can tell by the gold tone (Rolex Presidents are only made in precious metals) and the fact that the bracelet is the Hidden Clasp design. If you look close enough, there's a raised Rolex crown logo on the back which is the clasp.I have a barked version of the President.
The 1803 with the acrylic crystal and non-Quickset movement?
Is that a Rolex President?
You should wear it with a patterned silk shirt and matching necktie for that Mr.Fish/Blades look.
The Chinese use .999 silver.Medwed, where are you picking up all this alcohol?
Is this linen?
Like Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart.
What sort of things do the flamboyant military types order?
How was the coke?
I like the alligator tassels on these:
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