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  I wear my green tie with a blue suit and a very thin striped shirt (light blue/white). That way it doesn't pop out that much, it remains subtle.
Bradley. Like 'em.
I don't know that guy but I live in Stockholm and it is sure as hell not snowy yet. 
If you are seriously good looking it is only natural that you look good in everything. The look itself isn't very good.
Mostly Made To Order if I'm not wrong.
Well his feet are pressing the leather outwards in all directions. A good fitting shoe would not have the leather pressed that far out.
Those shoes actually look too small.
What's the deal with a lot of people buying kind of ugly ties just beacause they are from famous brands and priced at 10 bucks? I mean, what's the pointing of buying ties you don't want just because they are cheap?   A lot of people are doing great finds but a lot of people are also buying shit. 
    [[SPOILER]]     Weekday, TM Lewin, Allen Edmonds
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