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It's the cacophony of the noise of the local bird call that get others..When we first bought we were also amazed to hear the night sounds out here on the semi-rural interface.I quite like the sound of mowers and chainsaws on an afternoon : sort of an ambient white noise that settles : out here just far enough away to not be a nuisance. Leaf blowers are good for gutters though and I use a 4 Stoke : not so manic.
Absolutely spot on : demands are such that Sun am or evening (when the grass is bone dry) are the best times. I've got an acre to get through and on hot days you've got to get going sometimes. I do occasionally make a start Sat arvo on the ride on.My old man was a clergyman and I tell you now I love getting my Sunday's back...
Indeed, it looks great, I fail to see how the contributors on SF can truly make such expert comments half the time! I've got cuffs that don't always work : maybe the seamstress sneezed as she was running the machine across the seam.....cheers
Fantastic fit I would say..nice bit of cuff. If this was the main board perhaps someone would tell you to excise a quarter of an inch of your deltoid (etc) for perfection (or maybe the floor on which you stand is sloping)..
I do, definitely one of the better ones. In a straight taste test, I preferred it to Tanquaray. Bombay Sapphire also considered highly.
Where's Finbar Saunders when you need him?
NOne of our esteemed members forgot to sign the dec and it's coming by road rather than air, delayed considerably, infact, but I'm not panicking...I didn't make it to the function as I had to work from home...
Consider yourself lucky you don't have to go to an amusement park and be coerced into sitting on rides all day.
Going. I was joking about waiting for a parcel but as it happens I might have a new seersucker jacket to bring along, courtesy of Buy and Sell...
Like women, I suppose...
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