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Indeed..I got a F 026 brogue and Kempton, from the poster 'StreetMinimal' and it is fine for my wide foot even with fairly thick socks: now in the Cheany I am most certainly a G.
I looked at the Geoffrey Beane chelsea boots today as I was buying Gift cards - and you know what - I was impressed for the money - they even have a bit of a patina - because they are cheap. A load of polish and conditioner and they will be great.
 Coxy:  I have another function but would have loved to come. This is one of my all-time favourite pieces. I will send you a PM!
I like a cutaway (prob a semi-cutaway). The archetypal English look.   I buy these for all sitations - I like the sharp look of a cutaway -  even in casual, to me, any other collar looks sloppy and looks wrongly proportioned.   There seems to be a thing whereby they are regarded as formal : a semi-cutaway's points also stays out of the way of your neck under a crewneck, and in general, the points don't seem to crumple against the bottom of your neck.   For me, the...
 I am amassing a collection of shoes to rotate from Herring and they are essentially my first port of call. Realistically if you avoid the very cheapest there is nothing wrong with them.  Even the better Loakes are fine. I quite like the Cheaney lasts.  I can get to the city on Thurs FXH, preferably morning. I am after a red silk, (to go with a blue or cream jacket), or indeed any other colour that is versatile with both. More than happy to give you a fair price. I will be...
Hi   I'm off overseas next week for Christmas, to a winter, but mild and sunny climate and I want to get some pocket squares to impress my wife. (I expect she won't even notice).   See I have been bitten by the bug!   I can't get to shops easily this week but I can get to Collins St.   Where does a local buy silk squares that match the price of TM Lewin, or represent better quality. If I can't match their prices at what 35 for 1 or 50 a pair then is there a point...
 Bah - as a bit of a Lewin fan I now see that their semi-fitted shirts have lost the dart and the fit seems a bit more loose around the back and possibly infront -  Lennier mentioned this and agrees on this point. I've measured them and they are moreorless the same so wonder if it's all in my head... ;-)
On me they are suitably long.... ;-) Yes I got them at the Emporium. I was so spoilt for choice I dithered about colour - almost got one in grey.
Linen/Cotton mix. Uniqlo - 80 bucks on sale. I have 2. (Stingy collars are a pet peeve of mine and tend to go hand in  hand with cheaper brands)
 This is basically what I wanted to say but couldn't find the words.. And I'm not even sure where even the term pocket square came from - I would have called it a pocket handkerchief... I'm inclined to say that a handkerchief might perhaps be best for after work and at Suitably Connected events...there's just too much risk!
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