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I would have voted in but am a tad sympathetic politically. Remember one thing : the UK never wanted a regulated federation EU superstate which a while back was a French-German fantasy about putting those countries at the heart of Europe. 40 years ago they wanted to join a economic community which was an extension of an original customs union. That was all. The likes of Greece etc show the debacle of this European dream
On a suburban train just outside rush hour... IGent blocking door by hanging his dry cleaning from rail near door. ID yourself !
I ski in a burnt orange alpine technical jacket. For some reason people assume I'm ski patrol, so I can't hang around too long in one place. It's the high-vis aspect...
Looking like a merchant banker, Foxy, (not in a bad way!)
My wife says 'ah that's your poncing around event, isn't it?'
I seem to remember them running fairly accurate but the advise I got years back was to size up to get over your jacket (mine was a 40 when I'm normally 36). So mine bought back in the mid 90s runs baggy..should have got a 38..
It's just fashion / conformity.Untucked shirts only work when the length is bang on and for the athletic, if at all. I wonder if the great untuck covers a gut for many of the less athletic ..
Perfectly valid point. But I actually made the comment to my wife that compared to some of the grunge I saw I infinitely preferred the Hipster look.Surely for a forum that pursues style a certain level of grunginess is in opposition to that?
I don't know, there's been many a wry or weary comment on this thread made at times about dress in Australia, (although it's not confined to any one nation).Have to admit I was looking a bit scruffy myself..
So strolled along Chapel Street this morning with wife and kids. Very disheartened to see the scuffs, grunge, tattoos etc. I get its a lot of 20 something's...hipsters are worse in their own way. I do think sometimes an entire generation had forgotten how to dress. Or more.. That said, I did spot one gent in a sublime semi-formal blue shirt, tan cotton trousers and leather Chukkas who looked great, and several very well dressed and appointed girls who looked like they...
New Posts  All Forums: