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Awesome result!
Channel 10 : (Ok, One in Melbourne) has Matt Burke and his fellow hosts and commentators in sharp suits and ties they've had checked over as 'fit to fly'... In years gone by it was excruciating : sleeves concertinaed at the elbow crook, one-dimensional and flat tie knots... Now to the game!
Can't make it this time, Cox but there is always another opportunity.I've spoken to members about the singing I do with a fine mob in Melbourne which gives me an excuse to don black-tie. I'm a bit more coy about naming and shaming on a public forum...but will announce our dates nearer the time Cheers
Forgot to say, as my wife points out - my mate has filled his home with expensive antiques..... we all have a poison..!
Appreciate the responses and I have to agree with all of them. I also believe that SF is a tool that can teach a man how to spend sensibly and get intrinsic value. We all get the fact that high spend does not always mean top-end. There seems to be high-end and top-end...   I am not ashamed to be one of the TM Lewin tragics: I simply don't get a lot of utility in going anywhere else - but I will give Luxuire ago now I have a template from 1 made to measure shirt. And...
Got a question Guys.   I was talking to a mate last night who absolutely detests all sort of what he considers vanity and display of unnecessary finesse.   We moved on to menswear - whilst we agree on alot of timeless values, I don't think he'd ever read these forums. I told him that the basics need not be ostentatious. Which brings me to my question - especially for the married blokes - how the hell do you guys afford the high-end clothes that are out there - or more...
  The jacket the GJ Cleverley CEO is wearing is a beautiful example of an old classic, and favourite of mine - a tweed windowpane overcheck, but in this case,  cut in a slightly more contemporary fashion.
 I prefer stripes over patterns - as an ex-serviceman I can wear a few repp ties and not offend  - my school tie was the same as the MCC which got us some attention as schoolboys - also Harry Potter's school as selected by wardrobe! I also like a yellow and blue striped tie - TM Lewin had one on sale for 32 dollars a few weeks ago. I do find many patterns on ties rather busy. Pink Socks' idea is sound though- I can see the attraction of plain ties with little motifs - the...
   I go to Target to buy clothes for the kids - note - less budget left for me - and you know what, Target is starting to carry decent stuff for the money.The styling is up there (and possibly inspired by) with the big boys - even if the quality is not top drawer. It's certainly not all trailer-trash - there are staples there like crewneck jumpers, quilted vests, brogues and boots. Their business wear is still awful.   Years ago, going by the Melbourne Mx, the Sydneysiders...
Wool Overs. I bought a blue lambswool crewneck 4 years ago and it is still going strong - at home after work, a go-to jumper, or over a shirt at work on a Friday.Simply unbeatable. I will go back for more. Not sure how they compare with the Uniqlo equivalent. I also have a 'shooting' jumper with shoulder patches - love that look.  
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