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Often associated with the Armed Forces to straighten trousers, at least a post Second World War thing. We used to blouser our trousers to the top of our boots with elastic bands or purpose-made corded 'twists'.One gag was to let the trouser hang loose, and providing the cuff just fell over the top of the boot, the wearer could look like a Star Trek crewmember. This was telegraphed by the person adopting the pose making the classic swish noise as he, always a he, walked...
Best fit you've posted, I reckon, Cox. My favourite in any case.
These were 7.5...a missed chance..my next RMs will be suede chukkas!
Probably the norm for a high school kid..and you will probably bulk up in your mid 20s and if the drink gets ya..there will be more to come..
Man! I'm a 6' 3 man ...What does athletic slim mean these days: Is it mesomorph or a 'buff' ectomorph...We see Athletic alot on SF. Seems to be a modest way of saying fit but with no bulk..
I like Mammut gear. Copped a new soft shell on Ebay and whilst its a fake it will do!Patagonia is big in the States both as an authentic choice and as the right 'prep' choice on campus.My brother-in-law's wife has an old top..she is carefully advertising her Yale pedigree...
Agreed. I think I've said before that, like you, I'm a bit of a minimalism fetishist..and RMs corner the market.I have a pair of brown and a pair in black. Never mind that the brown pair I have are actually Harold Holt...I mean Ian Harold..I can't tell the difference between RM and the Harold's : (FXH will be along in a minute). I wore my first pair of brown RMs into the ground in 7 years and the Harold's came along..I could get by with black toecaps, black and brown...
I have wide feet, also flat feet: a collapsed arch even: suspect two go hand in hand.Hmmm..I'm still learning the lasts...my Cheaneys have a almost indecipherable stamp on them, like a military parts no...no idea of the last..one of my suede Cheaneys is a Belgrave and in a F it is rather snug. Beautiful shoe, will replace.Btw, as for tightly closing the uppers, I almost said that all I needed was a few tugs and I was away...thought it might be misconstrued... My Loake 026...
I have a wide foot and a Cheaney g is a perfect fit widthways: I also found that the shoe did not close too well initially but within a few wears and lacing tightly the leather gave a bit.
TM Lewin don't fuse collars and cuffs. I get well over 3 years on a shirt if I wash on cold and don't use a dryer. Barely any shrinkage,too.
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