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LOL - Great Post!
  Good to hear. They are amazing boots, I am still loving mine and wear them whenever I can.
  Do you know if these have ever been washed?
No idea's I have exhausted my search engine!!
Just received my N&F Check Twill Skinny Guy - I love them!!  
I bought this sweater years ago in Ljubljana Slovenia. It is one of my favorite sweaters, unfortunately it is starting to wear and make me worried! It is tagged "XS Fashion Look". Anyone know of something similar in style? Even solid colors would be ok; links appreciated. - Thanks in advance!          
  Wow thanks for pointing out these different styles and variations, I never knew Elf's existed in these colors!
  Will do. The 745's look amazing as-well!
I love the watch and would pick it up for the right price.
I was looking for an exclusive thread on just Fiorentini + Baker and could not find one. I just bought the Elf's and I could not be happier. These boots had a perfect fit the minute I put them on. Anyone have any experience with any other Fiorentini + Baker footwear as these fit so well and look so good that I am considering buying more Fiorentini + Baker! *note* I have absolutely no association with the company nor do I work in retail - I just love my new boots!
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