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I have the medium duffle (222) and 257 both in tan... and I love the contrast between the tan and brown leather straps.
PM sent!
Just added RLBL shirt, and price drop on Howard Yount Tie and Persols. Thanks for looking! - Jonathan
Hi Folks! Price drops on two items... and 1 addition... (1) Howard Yount Dark Grey Knit tie. It is brand new... never been warn. I bought it and thought it was a little too dark for what I was looking for. ($25 shipped in Canada or to the US). (2) Persol 2826-S Polarized Sunglasses. I've had these a few years... and have worn them periodically. They are in very good condition. ($50 shipped in Canada or to the US). (3) RLBL shirt, size 16/41. I bought this on SF a...
Hi Folks! I bought these on ebay about a month ago, and realized that I will rarely get the chance to wear them. So, rather than have them take up space in my closet, I thought I'd see if there was any interest here. I paid $130 plus shipping for them. I would be willing to take $120 for them with shipping included.
I agree! The Speedmaster and 3717 are two of my favorites. In fact... I have two speedy's. I wouldn't consider them very gimmicky or fratboyish at all. Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 ignore the attitude, this is good advice
I'm normally a 10.5D in Allen Edmonds and Aldens (Aberdeen and Hampton Last). Does anyone know if these in 9.5UK would fit similar? Thanks! - Jonathan
PM sent for Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. 10.5 D!
I just placed my second order... I am now in for 7! They have become some of my favorite shirts in my closet. I find the fit perfect... which for me means a pretty standard, perhaps moderately slim fit... comparable to some RLBL shirts I have. And... Mark is a great guy to deal with. - Jonathan
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer That cute little tweedy box in the background is a new purchase and one of the main reasons I don't go bespoke. I have other expensive addictions besides clothing. Nice! Clark? Victoria? Do share the details! - Jonathan
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