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Another vote for Nomos!
Do the 10.5's fit pretty true to size?
PM sent on Nudie jeans.
Hi Folks! I'm sure this has been covered... so I apologize for asking again. Where can you find APC denim is the Toronto area. I actually live in Kitchener/Waterloo... but I assume Toronto would be the most likely place to find them. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR lol [[SPOILER]] Oh boy... I gotta get me one of those!
Very nice SM300!
Quote: Originally Posted by pokpok new pickup Beautiful! A classic! I like those much more than the new Deep Seas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lumme OK, lets try again :-) Today's look A bit more casual going to work :-) Have a great day everybody.. Lumme Nice Speedy!
PM sent on Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Blue micro-houndstooth 100% cotton.
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