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Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle Dress shoes online... ill pay the tax for a good fit. +1
I picked up a 257 and a 222 from Mike at plateau outdoors... I highly recommend them! http://www.plateauoutdoors.com/
Wow! Glad to hear you're ok...
Quote: Originally Posted by bhall41 Both great watches - I am jealous! Thanks! My standard Speedy Pro (black dial) probably gets more wear... but this is the one I probably stare at more when I'm wearing it...
Quote: Originally Posted by cimabue Norwegian Split Toe, Chromexcel, Barrie, ShoeMart. They were in natural originally -- did not like -- dyed 'em black. Beautiful job!
VERY nice ^
Wow! Why can't i find something like that in my size...
Very nice seamaster!
I agree with Mr Gatsby... check out AE belts...
Another vote for Nomos!
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