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Another vote for a Speedy. My wife bought me one for an engagement present... and I bought myself a second one (a limited edition) when I received tenure at at the university I work at. Its a very versatile watch IMHO.
I think it looks fine... it might be a little long... you might want to get it hemmed and cut straight across.
This is on my wish list...
I don't know anything about it... but it's beautiful!
I have an "almost" new bottle of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather (3.4oz/100ML). I picked it up about 6 or 7 months ago, and have only tried it twice. My wife is not of fan of it... so I thought I might as well unload if here for cheap rather than have it sit in a dresser drawer. I think the retail was about $260 on this... I'm willing to let if go for $120 shipped to the US or $110 shipped within canada. Thanks for looking!
This is one of the funnier things I've read on this forum...
Hi Folks! I am just doing a little closet cleaning. Blue Armani Collezioni with French Cuffs (100% cotton) - retail $395 Light Blue with think green stripes Jay Kos (75% Silk / 25% Cotton mix) - retail $450 Pinkish/lavender Jay Kos (100% cotton) - retail $320 They are all size 16/41. The blue Armani shirt and pinkish lavender Jay Kos shirt are UNWORN. I did wash and Iron them though. I have worn the light blue Jay Kos shirt twice. I want to sell them as a group so I...
As a watch geek... I seem to have unwittingly followed this rule. I get anxious spending $200 on a shirt... but am happy to spend a few grand on a watch. Lately... I've been really itching for a new pair of Alden's... and the thought of spending 400+ for a pair makes me nervous.I'm weird...
Sorry... I never tried packing anything in it. I'm sure you could fit enough things in it for a weekend if you packed light enough.
I had both but ended up selling the small... it was too small IMHO for a weekend bag. Unfortunately, I think the medium is also a little big... but I'd rather err on the side of too big versus too small. I wish they made one in between!
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