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[quote=KtownGreg;3091626]Day #2 R&R, Church and a bit of nothing. Need to work on manual focus but.... BEAUTIFUL GMT!!
Hi Folks, I am looking for some expert advice to take with me to the tailor. I just picked up this suit... and I think the jacket still could use some alterations. However... I'm a TOTAL newbee in the suit department. I am thinking that a little waste suppression might be in order. The suit is a size 42 and I have a 33 inch waste. Please try to ignore the wrinkled shirt I'm wearing. Thanks is advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by flanker2000fr This is a great combination. I'm a sucker for NATO straps. Thanks! I've only recently discovered them and have enjoyed them on a few of my watches.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular I played around with both of them in a meeting with Rolex. Both are very nice (but one can of course have opinions on the green Sub...) and well-built. The Explorer looks good even with the polished numerals, what I would have wished for is larger hands. /M I agree regarding the hands... are they simply pulled form the 36mm model?
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular /M Beautiful! I have a soft spot for blue dials... here's mine...
Here are my two...
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari I thought this might be the best area to pose this question. I am looking at buying either an Omega Speedy 3570 or 3573 in the next few months. Does anyone have an idea if I ask for an AD rec on timezone or a similar site, what the standard discount is for this watch? I usually buy from one place in Boston, but they are no longer carrying Omega. You should be able to easily get 25%... maybe slightly...
Thanks imightbechad! It's an Omega Speedmaster Professional Limited Edition (40th Anniversary of the first space walk). It has the exact same case and movement of the regular non-LE speedmaster.
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