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I think we need a status report. Did you stick to it? Or... have other shoes found their way into the rotation?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Thanks. They're actually AE Moras. I hope AE releases those again some day.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI LOVE the double monks! Are those C&J?
Quote: Originally Posted by rohde88 well, you're a passenger in the SLR, so I'm guessing its not your supercar. How was it? No... not mine... but a good friends. We took it on a long road trip (about 1000 miles) this weekend. Not the most comfortable car for long road trips... but a small sacrifice...
A little cheesy watch pose from this weekend...
Thanks for your thoughts on this NoVaguy! Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Part of this is because shell cordovan is more of an Ivy-Trad American thing (but not exclusively so), and Americans think of shoes like the longwing blucher and tassel loafer (and to a lesser extent, the plaintoe blucher) as acceptable as business dress shoes, and in fact, as highly preferable business dress shoes. So these styles were frequently sold and frequently made in...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Shell oxfords are readily available. I do realize that there are oxfords offered in Shell... it just seemed to me that shell was more often found on bluchers. I just did a quick search of Crocket and Jones as well... and it seems that the vast majority of shoes offered in shell are of the Blucher/Derby variety. This is by no means an exhaustive search... but here are examples from Allen Edmonds (note... the...
Thanks for the feedback. Yes... I do realize that AE and Alden do have some Oxfords in Cordovan. It just seemed to me that they offered many more non-formal styles in cordovan. This seemed to be the case with other manufacturers as well. This was just my observation... however I haven't done a thorough search I admit. I thought there may have been an advantage to having a formal oxford in non-cordovan.
I apologize in advance if this has been beaten to death. I notice that most Cordovan shoes seem to be of the Blucher variety (e.g., plain and split toe) and not the more formal Oxford styles (there are exceptions of course). Is there something about cordovan that makes it more suited to a blucher? Thanks! - Jonathan
Congrats! I look forward to seeing pics. How did you decide on that Tailor?
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