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Absolutely stunning! Congrats!
Those are beautiful sunglasses! What model of SALT are they?
Hi Folks! This cologne just doesn't sing to me, so I'll let it go for a big discount. I've probably used about 20 sprays worth (conservatively 95% left, but probably closer to 98%). This retails for $210... I'll let it go for $110 shipped to the US, or $100 shipped within Canada. Thanks for looking!
HI Folks! I'm trying to thin my cologne collection. I have 4 colognes from the Les Exclusifs De Chanel (Bois Des Iles, Cuir De Russie, Coromandel, and Sycomore). They are typically considered as unisex fragrances. As you can see from the 75ml bottles, they are all pretty much full. These typically retail for $160 each. I will let the whole group go for the price of one plus shipping (i.e., $160 plus shipping). I don't want to ship them individually as I'm too lazy to...
Your new JLC is stunning! Congrats!
Absolutely stunning! Congrats!
I had mine on the Di Modell Rallye for a while. I liked it a lot! I ended up going back to the bracelet eventually though.
There have been a lot of speedys on here the last couple of pages! Here are my two...
WOW!! Simply perfect. I would love to see a group shot of your Pateks. You have too of my favourites in the 3940 and 3970.
Gorgeous! One of my all time favourites.
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