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Was it a full canvas jacket Also, would you share some picture of Manchester Tailor's work? Would love to check them out.
Ian, thanks for the awesome reply. As a graduate student of international relations I won't do much of barn works, but "broken-in" looks were what I was looking for with this item too (besides, I wouldn't be able to afford dry cleaning).   If it's possible, would you share some photos of your barn coat? I am curious about the look of shrunk version. 
EmergencyIan, thanks for your input. I have pretty similar physique as you (5'8" & 160; 38 jacket), so I guess I should also go with the medium size for the chore coat.   May comments I have read about this item being slightly bigger than usual sizes of other brands made me to think that I should order it in a small size, but I didn't think of shrinkage issue. Again, much appreciated for sharing your experience.
 It seems Laffiar make pretty nice looking pairs. They advertise Goodyear welt and Bolognese construction custom shoes. Their website is in both Korean and English. Their blog is also good place to take a look at their works.
Yeah I am thinking of rather getting Carhartt's chore coat (C001, C002 or RNC001). It might not be made in USA any more but it's only slightly more expansive than Pointer Brand and it comes with collars and blanked lined. They are also more widely distributed--some stores in San Diego (where I reside) carry them, so I get to try them in person.
So their Brown Duck Chore Coat is currently priced at $87.25. I am curious how much they have raised the price recently. I saw an blog post dated couple years that states the price around $60. Any idea?
I am looking for something similar to Mercer's fabric Blue Two-Ply 100% Pima Cotton Oxford. After seeing images that Derek posted on his blog, I just fell in love with its texture. Does anyone know what would be the closest fabric available at Luxire? Would it be Classic Blue Oxford, Blue Royal Oxford 80/2 or Grey Blue Royal Oxford?  [[SPOILER]]
Is this an unfused collar?
 Great to hear that lachyzee, would you share some photos? So did your replica had a same fit as the original Mercer? I know one of the common issue people have with Mercer shirts are the full fit. I am just curious how Mercer's long unlined collar would look on Luxire's custom slim fit shirt, in contrast with Mercer's full fit shirt. Would it look somehow unnatural?
I know some of you guys tried to replicate Mercer and Sons' collars with Luxire and I was curious how that worked out.   I'm trying to do my first order with Luxire for OCBD and thinking of an unlined collar which I've never had. 
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