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So, I figured out a theory.The Commando Half Sole is not simply a Rubber outsole, but a Leather outsole with Rubber attached to it.So it's not the same thing as a Vibram 700 Composition Half Sole, which is merely rubber.Thus there is actually 2 layers of Leather in the forefoot part of the boot, while this configeration is still a single Midsole, because the 2nd layer is part of the Outsole, the Commando.And that's why they told me Commando can only be used with single...
Oh, but that surely looks like double midsole. Look at the boundary between the 2 supposed layers.
Hi Knucks!Is this double midsole?I was once told that commando half sole cannot be used on double midsole, but yours is apparently double......
The White's Oil and Preservative are both Beeswax based, you can consider them the same thing.While the Leather protector is vegetable based.As for my own experience, I'd choose the Beeswax Based to condition your 7oz oil-tanned leather like Distressed and British Tan.But for the rough-out leather, if you apply any of these, it will darken the leather and make the surface smooth. You'd better not apply anything if you care for the appearence.
Hey Guys! I finally got the chance to make some comparison between different Heel Hights of the White's Boots. Double Midsole + 1/4 Inch Lower Heel (Left) vs Double Midsole + Standard Heel Hight (Right) Double Midsole + 1/4 Inch Lower Heel (Left) vs Single Midsole + Standard Heel Hight (Right)
Yes, no celastic toe box will make the toe much lower, and that doesn't require the change of last.
I think it should be the Semi-Dress Last. And if you order a Semi-Dress, it is the Standard Last for the boot.
You are welcome! And the Classic Dress Boot is actually a Semi-Dress built on the 461 Last, plus the option of 90 Degree Blocked Heel and Commando Mini Lug Half Sole.The Commando Half Sole is the new thing, this half sole can only be applied with a Single Midsole, which is unique.In fact, the Classic Work Boot and the Bounty Hunter, are both just Smoke Jumpers, built on 461 Last and Semi-Dress Last respectively. You can make any of these styles just by selecting the right...
No. It's the #461 last, same last that the classic work boot is built on. Its profile is a more upturned toe, while the fit is just like the standard Smoke Jumper last, a little more roomy than the Semi-Dress last.
Great pics guys! I think I should share some photos of the Shark Leather Smoke Jumper I ordered for my client. Dark Brown Shark Leather Toe Vamp + Counter, Black Cherry Water Buffalo Upper, Double Midsole with Brown Edge, Vibram 430 Outsole, Brown Liner, 6" Height and Standard Heel Lifts, Double Celastic Toe Box, Semi-Dress Last, Double Stitching Trim, Nickel Hardware, Rolled Top, Cuban Heel.
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