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Sort of. Online Shop.
Yes, my own taste is a Brown Smooth Smoke Jumper, not this.
Considering Width, any last have from A to FF(4E) width to choose. But the Semi-Dress Last is lower at instep, so if your instep is high, you may find it a little too pressing from the top.Other Lasts that Smoke Jumper use, include Standard Smoke Jumper Last, #38 Swing Last (Very Wide Toe), #461 Last (Upturned Toe), and Northwest Last (Wedge Sole Last). And they are mainly different in shape and profile. The #38 Swing Last is the widest of them all.
I just got the #8 Shell Cordovan Semi-Dress! Have a look:
Of course. This is a Lace to Toe Bounty Hunter:
Bounty Hunter is simply a Smoke Jumper built on the Semi-Dress Last.
The rubber layer may have different thickness than the leather layer. So it will not be exactly the same.
1/4 Inch Lowered Cuban Heel with Single Midsole:1/4 Inch Lowered Cuban Heel with Double Midsole:In contrast, this is Standard Height Cuban Heel with Single Midsole:And Standard Height Cuban Heel with Double Midsole:I think this covers all the possible configurations for the cuban heel.(Except for the use of Half Soles.)I hope it helps.
Here is a pair of Caiman/Crocodile Leather Smoke Jumper, built on the #461 Last, with Vibram 100 Lug outsole. The upper leather is Black Chrome Excel. Standard Heel Height, Single Midsole, Black Edge.                        
Here's my collection of the Brown Horse Hide Photos: Standard Semi-Dress Last Single Midsole Vibram 700 Composition Half Sole Blocked Heel Standard Heel Height Close Trim Brown Leather Liner Brown Edge With Pull Loops
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