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  Semi Dress on C461 Last:       Semi Dress on Semi Dress Standard Last as Contrast:  
  Smoke Jumper on C461 Last: (Black Caiman Leather and Black CXL Upper)     Smoke Jumper on Semi Dress Last as contrast: (Black Shark Leather)     Smoke Jumper on the Standard Last as contrast:   
Distressed Smooth is so cool after use!!!
That's some very cool combination!
Yes, you guess is right. They put another layer of leather in the heel to balance the boot, when using the composition half sole. So, if you add a forefoot rubber layer yourself, with no change to the heel, you will have a lowered by 1/4 inch heel boot. I suggest you do nothing to the heel, just let it be lowered.
Black Horse Hide Semi Dress
It's much drier than the other Smooth Leathers White's provides. And base on my own experience, it is the hardest one.I don't know much about the tanning process though.
Yes, Distressed Smooth also is the thoughest leather White's provides. Very hard leather, it is. Will need some breaking in.
Actually, what I wear is a Bounty Hunter, it's Smoke Jumper on Semi-Dress Last.
Yes, the #38 Swing Last is the most roomy one, but as for lowered profile, I don't really know that.The #461 Last, I think it will just feel like the Standard Smoke Jumper Last in size.
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