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What is the best Shoe Cream or Wax for Black Shell Cordovan?
I think I should share this 3 Tone Smoke Jumper with you fellas.    The Red is Red Dog Smooth Blue is NAVY CXL Grey is Moon Grey Bull Hide Vibram 100 Lug Sole with Lowered 1/4 Inch Blocked Heel                                
  You are welcome!  
Very beautiful!
And I also have Vibram 700 Half Sole (Composition Half Sole) + Close Trim:                               And these 2 pairs are the Natural Chrome Excel Leather with White's Beeswax Preservative Applied. (The Leather is darkened by the Preservative Cream.)
  Of course I have. Vibram 700 is actually not thick.   Vibram 700 + Close Trim:            
You are welcome!Yes, they can.
It's Brown Horween Chrome Excel Leather, and Standard Height Cuban Heel. Double Row Stitched Standard Trim. The Outsole is Vibram 430.
Burgundy Chrome Excel and Brown Chrome Excel.
  Bounty Hunter is a Smoke Jumper built on the Semi Dress Last. They can be all the same on every aspects, except the Last.
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