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Which type of button do you prefer on your dress shirt?   There seems to be 4 options for material.    Plastic Very durable and easy to have colour matched buttons   Rivershell Very white but a limited pearlessence   Troca A creamier colour with a hint of pearlessence   Mother of Pearl A white shell with significant pearlessence   There seems to be 3 ranges of thickness for buttons.  Given that people have become accustomed to thick...
You could always go bespoke  
There are probably a few more that could also be added
Shirts with French Cuffs
  Which English?   There may be a few more but the list below hopefully indicates that a regional view of the way words should be used is not always helpful and definitely not superior (although we all like to think it is)   Portofino Cuff Cocktail Cuff Turnback cuff Casino Cuff Flowback Cuff Neapolitan Cuff Milanese Cuff Café cuff    they all mean...
  The Portofino Cuff always looked good on the suave but masculine Sean Connery.   Mr Craig could also pull this off without looking a dandy.
  Why do you think this?   Isn't it more likely the fabric is specified and sourced from the top mills in Europe and Asia?
The suits all look a little tight on Mr Bond.  He is no spring Chicken in the movie
A list of on-line MTM shirt companies ranked in order or website visits   www Age Ease of use 3D Rendering Fabrics Cost min Cost max Comments 9 0 0 0 0 0 Site not working            ...
  but to specifications for the US market set by the US market .  Best Cotton shirting is definitely from Europe / Asia
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