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I really like this Zara jacket as a blazer - it fits great, and has a nice amount of stretch. But although the website calls it "navy," it looks more black in person. I was hoping to match it with jeans and a dress shirt, but everything I try looks better with a true navy jacket (and a little awkward with this almost-black one). Any thoughts on what might work with...
I have a wool overcoat that was just dry-cleaned for the first time. But when I brought it home this morning, I noticed that the fit wasn't the same -- where it used to hug the body and be tapered in the waist, it was now looser and lacked any kind of shape. Does this usually happen when wool is cleaned, or might the cleaner have done something he shouldn't have? Also, would it make any difference if the coat was folded up for a couple of weeks before it was taken...
Yes. The left lapel still lies flat, but the right lapel pinches up midway through. It's only noticeable though when (1) the jacket is buttoned and (2) I stand up straight.
I recently purchased a new suit, which fit in the shoulders/back, but was too large in the front. The in-house tailor recut the chest, and now there's a small pucker on the right breast. Is this normal, or was the jacket sized down a little too much? Thanks!
I initially tried on this suit only to test its size, but, when it fit, the color started to grow on me. It looks light grey from a distance, but, upon closer inspection, the pink stripe really becomes apparent. Any thoughts on how this affects the versatility of the suit, and on how valuable an addition it is to a wardrobe of only four others (navy solid & chalk stripe; grey solid & pinstripe)? Thanks in advance.
Saks carries them. Recently, a few pairs were on the "final cut" rack.
Hello all, I live in a large city and walk a fair amount during the day. However, I have flat feet / wear custom orthotics. And I have grown tired of wearing one pair of shoes for the commute, then switching to AEs at the office. So, I was wondering: which of these two shoes do you think looks better (and/or would be more comfortable)? A pair of Pradas that are half oxford and half sneaker, or a simple pair of Rockports. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by VolsVolsVols Only if it plays Rocky Top. Hah. I was actually hoping to be able to get away with this instead of the burnt orange because it's nearer to Gator orange.
Would this orange tie be appropriate in a fairly conservative work environment? Or would a more muted color, such as burnt orange, work better? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by clarity How is the BB fit compared to the BR. There's no BB near me to try it on. BR is my go to shirt right now but it would be nice to have extra options. Smalls are rarely available by sale time. =\\ The BB's that I have aren't quite as slim as the BRs, but the upsides are better fabric and the ability to choose your sleeve length. Again, this is for the luxury slim line. BB's regular "slim" line fits more...
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