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Nope, not solid at all.  They're extremely soft leather with no structure whatsoever.  I fell off at Roebling where I ripped off a finger and broke a couple of bones in my foot.  Afterwards, I had a pair of custom Held gloves made (it's funny how an empty finger looks like the reservoir tip....) and got some Sidi boots.  Vanson had to completely rebuild the left side of my leathers.   For what it's worth, I believe you can order them without the logo.
AHRMA...fingers aren't working tonight...
Those are reminiscent of Bates Fast Lanes which, incidentally, are still made today and are also custom made.  I raced in them for a long time with AHRAM, WERA and WERA Vintage on both sidecars and solo bikes (RS125R)...and I have the x-rays to prove it.
Sold!  Thanks for looking.
Sold, thanks for looking.
And SOLD!  Thanks for looking everyone.
And SOLD!  Thanks for looking everyone.
PM sent.
Did the RRL Julians sell?
For your consideration is an excellent pair of Alden 405 Indy Boots in size 10.5D.  These are built on Alden's TruBalance last.   I purchased these on the seconds list at ShoeMart for work however I tend to live in a pair of White's or a well loved (rebuilt twice by Alden!) pair of 403's so I haven't worn these too much.  I do manage a motorcycle collection for a living so they have been used around the garage, on motorcycles, and in a machine shop so they aren't...
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