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For your consideration is an excellent pair of Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan chukkas in size 10D.  These are built on Alden's Barrie last which fit like a 10.5.   I purchased these and realized that I rarely have the occasion to wear them so they are in EXCELLENT condition.  Maybe 10 times at the most.  They do come with the Alden shoe trees (I am religious about using them) and, if I can find them, the shoe bags but don't make that the closer... I can ship them for $22...
It's 50 degrees today in NY.  First springtime lunch ride of the year.
A choke richens the mixture.  A fast idle simple raises the idle.  
It's not a choke.  It's a fast idle circuit.
Here you go.
Thank you!
Hi Folks, I'm new here and was just curious how many riders there are from Long Island/NYC area... I manage a motorcycle collection for a living and perhaps we could put together a visit this spring for those interested.  Kindly speak up if you're so inclined to take a look. Best regards, eglicomet
Oiled red dog lowers and which upper?  
Hey, that's my wallet!  I will tell you it's been excellent.  I can post photos tomorrow of just how nicely it's aged.
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