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Early /5s were short frames.  And it wasn't an issue of being nimble...it was instability under very specific loads and maneuvering situations.  BMW (then Butler and Smith) actually offered modified swingarms and subframes to correct this on the early bikes.  You can easily identify a short frame from a long frame by looking at the swingarm welds. 
We have a TU250 and it's oddly entertaining.  We picked it up to keep on the boats.
One thing you need to know about the Motogadget instruments is the build quality can be sketchy. I've got them on several bikes and they can be a real pain to keep working. They are on a XS650 a SR500, a Norton Commando in a Featherbed. I've got another sitting on my bench that I purchased for a BMW project. They HATE vibration. The last two would fog up if they happened to sit in the sun for more than 30 seconds-no, they've never been so much as dribbled with water.
^^^ Yes!
Firt street bike was an RZ350 at age 16. It belonged to a friend's girlfriend that shot herself and sat for a year or two unused. I pushed it home and told my mother that I was storing it for my friend. It's truly amazing I'm still alive. First bike ever was a late 1970s Yamaha PW80 that I terrorized my neighborhood from age 10 until 13 when I finally blew it up. After that it was about a dozen BMW Airheads, a 900SS white frame, a few oilheads and a whole bunch of...
I manage a private collection on Long Island.
It's an issue of load vs generator output. Much like the Shorai, the battery you reference needs a healthy voltage and wattage supply to maintain its charge. Seeing as the Alton only puts out 100 watts on average (150 peak) it falls on the inadequate side. Your Ducati puts out roughly 500 watts as comparison.In the end, I temporarily ditched the case and added a similarly sized AGM (14ah) that I painted with black crinkle paint. An hour in the machine shop and I was all...
I've got about 100 bikes right now in the garage with 4 different shift patterns (left hand up for first, right hand up for first, left hand down for first and left side hand shift). It just takes concentration.
What you aren't taking into account is the fact that below 9.2 volts a Shorai is effectively drained. Now this Vincent and the 100hp Vincent Egli parked next to it only produce about 100 watts. If a plug is fouled, the gas is a little crappy or I get stuck behind a friendly law enforcement agent in gridlock were I really shouldn't shut off my lights even though the generator isn't spinning fast enough to charge the battery and the voltage drops...I'm stuck on the side of...
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