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[IMG][IMG] Got this out of the mothballs for a nice ride today.
I lost half a finger in those. Now I wear a custom pair of Helds.
That is excellent! What is the scale length on the 3/4 guitars?
I would kill for that truck.  Or at least maim...
Those are Ohlins shocks.
Spent a little bit of time mocking this up today...
Early /5s were short frames.  And it wasn't an issue of being was instability under very specific loads and maneuvering situations.  BMW (then Butler and Smith) actually offered modified swingarms and subframes to correct this on the early bikes.  You can easily identify a short frame from a long frame by looking at the swingarm welds. 
We have a TU250 and it's oddly entertaining.  We picked it up to keep on the boats.
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