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I've got to find a 12V battery to fit inside a hollowed out stock battery shell.  Li-Ion won't work due to voltage requirements of the Grosset.  
Here you go.
Spent this morning installing a 12 volt system on the Rapide. Helllooooo adequate lighting... so nice to make your acquaintance
These just arrived. 10" Dress Brown SJ. Kyle at Baker's is the BEST to deal with.
I replaced my fork seals once and went through hell sorting out the carb--eventually I stuck on a Dellorto and that was way more tunable.  I did everything myself.  The RC8R is a much more modern beast though and I have no experience with that program.  
I purchased a pair of SJ on ebay that are non celastic. I manage a motorcycle collection for a living and I can definitely feel the shifter on top of my foot.I ordered a pair of Nomads for my boss and a pair of SJ with celastic toes for myself. They should be here next week.
I put 35000 miles on a '99 R1100S when it came out. Had it for a little over a year and traded it for my KTM Adventure. So much slower than it looks.
Ah, yes.  Rumpledforeskin in his safety gear.
So classy.
Here's an idea, how about you two numbskulls take your pissing contest and flippant comments offline so we don't all have to keep laughing at how ridiculous you both sound.  
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