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The issue is that Paul asked for my help, I saved him a boat load of cash by storing one of his crappy Triumphs in the garage which houses my employer's motorcycle collection and he was an utter prick when it came to retrieving the bike which put me in a horrible situation, professionally speaking.     As for your flippant original and edited comment "I suppose you know so much more about vintage bikes than Paul? Do tell." you have no idea who I am or what I do for a...
Oh Jesus...Paul D'Orleans.
RAM Mounts
The 95' Inace that I lived on before my employer soldit held 9000 gallons of diesel. It's burn rate was minuscule 20 gallons/hour at about 12 knots with twin Cat 3208s.By comparison, his 57' Derektor built commuter has twin V12 MANs with 2700hp and it drinks 120 gallons/hour. It can cruise at 50 knots on a smooth day on the Sound.His 57' commuter has
I wouldn't consider it a yacht but it is mine. 1959 Dyer 29. I'm also wrapping up an old catboat restoration on a Legnos Mystic 20. Another "not a yacht" but that's okay.
I know this is a longshot but is this sold?
Still around?
For sale is my Barbour Beaufort waxed cotton jacket.  I purchased this a couple of years ago but it tends to sit in my closet because I'm usually wearing a Filson that I love.  It's in excellent condition. I live in Huntington, NY and work in Oyster Bay.  Anyone local is free to get in touch to try it on and inspect in person. $225 plus shipping or I will trade the jacket plus cash for a Fujifilm X-pro1 and the 35mm f1.4 lens.
I've got both of these in the garage and I can attest to the fact that they are, in fact, torture devices.  Nothing, however, sounds better or feels more visceral.    
Vanson has been making phenomenal racing leathers for decades.
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