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I love W650s. There's a lot that you can do with them. Here's one that I'm working on right now.
It's winter time.  Anyone building anything cool in their garages?  Or should I take that to the HAMB?
I have to say that I've got a pair of custom SJ's had and sold another pair of stock SJ's and just purchased my first pair of Wesco lace to toe Jobmasters. The Wescos are by far nicer. I was sorta surprised because I was really fond of the Whites.
What leather was used on these? I like them.
Yeah it is. The guy owns the deli that I eat at everyday. He's also got a really nice Defender 90 and a 109.
I think I went on my last ride today as well...
The issue is that Paul asked for my help, I saved him a boat load of cash by storing one of his crappy Triumphs in the garage which houses my employer's motorcycle collection and he was an utter prick when it came to retrieving the bike which put me in a horrible situation, professionally speaking.     As for your flippant original and edited comment "I suppose you know so much more about vintage bikes than Paul? Do tell." you have no idea who I am or what I do for a...
Oh Jesus...Paul D'Orleans.
RAM Mounts
The 95' Inace that I lived on before my employer soldit held 9000 gallons of diesel. It's burn rate was minuscule 20 gallons/hour at about 12 knots with twin Cat 3208s.By comparison, his 57' Derektor built commuter has twin V12 MANs with 2700hp and it drinks 120 gallons/hour. It can cruise at 50 knots on a smooth day on the Sound.His 57' commuter has
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