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I've got both of these in the garage and I can attest to the fact that they are, in fact, torture devices.  Nothing, however, sounds better or feels more visceral.    
Vanson has been making phenomenal racing leathers for decades.
Are those MP toe?  Very nice.
Got a pic? I'm thinking about a pair of Wescos.
That was the most well thought out, concise response I've ever seen on this site. On another note...anyone going to the NY IMS this weekend?
trini, who did that seat for you?
Looks like a Ruby Castel.
This is for sale should anyone be interested. The details: Godet Egli Vincent 1330ccs Surtees 5 speed Grosset Electric Start 38mm Mikuni VMs Ceriani GP front end Fontana 4LS drum Nickel plated frame and chain guard Polished engine case 100bhp and 80lb/ft torque 360 pounds wet
Tighten up the laces and everything will break in and stay in place.
A better shot.
New Posts  All Forums: