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RZ350. No contest. It was my first bike and it's truly amazing I'm still alive...If you get one you owe me a spin on it.
Does this belong to the chef from Brooklyn Bowl? I know he rides a Chief for his transportation.
In 2000 I was commuting home to my place in the East Atlanta Village when I was hit head on by an uninsured driver. My old /6 BMW was shortened by about 18" and my wrist was shattered. I ended up going over the car. Her first words where "couldn't you see was turning left?". Unfuckingbelievable. 6 months of recovery and I started racing a RS125R. At least on the track everyone's going the same direction...
Thank you, fellas. The weather here on Long Island has been horrible today. It was a very soggy ride in this morning on the little CB77.
I'm not sure how my comment ended up in the middle of someone else's post.  So many buttons... Anyway, what I intended to convey about the photo of the BMW I built was this: I whipped this together last week. Please keep in mind it was before I planished and trimmed the fenders and finished assembling everything. It was just a mock up for a friend.
Hmmmmm....used to collect.
The Vinago is in the collection that I manage.  It's a very nice bike.  Greg Haggeman did a very good job on it.
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