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Thank you, fellas. The weather here on Long Island has been horrible today. It was a very soggy ride in this morning on the little CB77.
I'm not sure how my comment ended up in the middle of someone else's post.  So many buttons... Anyway, what I intended to convey about the photo of the BMW I built was this: I whipped this together last week. Please keep in mind it was before I planished and trimmed the fenders and finished assembling everything. It was just a mock up for a friend.
Hmmmmm....used to collect.
The Vinago is in the collection that I manage.  It's a very nice bike.  Greg Haggeman did a very good job on it.
I like the lock on the tool tray. My tray fell out one day while riding home from work and it was hell finding everything that I had stashed in there.
@BlueCollar that's very tidy. I've been putting this together for the last year or so. I sorta fit it in between other projects. It started out as a R90/6 that I dual plugged, installed high compression pistons, 40mm Dellortos, cleaned up ports, Hoske exhaust, etc. The engine has been raised in the frame which has been heavily braced. Same for the swing arm. I added a remote filter since you can't easily access the stock filter with the raised engine. The front brake...
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