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Is anyone going to the Brooklyn Invitational on Saturday?
er....bump. Offers?
For sale is a brand new Private White V.C. Waxed Cotton Bomber/Flight Jacket.  I purchased this with the intention of keeping it for the fall but decided it wasn't for me.  Retail is $620. They call the size a 5 but it was ordered as a size large from J Crew.  I wear a 42 and it fits spot on.   $350 plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail (~$20).  Payment via cash or paypal.  
Anyone in the NYC/Long Island area might be interested to know about a long term motorcycle display in Stony Brook at the Ward Melville Heritage Organization that runs until September 7th. There's about 50 bikes in it. I supplied a '74 Ducati 750 Sport and an early CB500K1. A good friend sent this '31 Norton International Manx along. Anyone in the area should check it out.
I dunno, I spent years racing a Honda RS125R and carrying corner speed.  There's something for me about riding a slow bike quickly that's way more fun than torque.  But different strokes for different folks...
Get a policy that states the agreed upon value.  The collection that I manage has about 100 bikes on it through Hagerty and we go through this with every vehicle.
Buy whatever makes you happy and go for a ride.  Who really gives a shit what others think?  Life's too short to try to impress everyone.
RZ350. No contest. It was my first bike and it's truly amazing I'm still alive...If you get one you owe me a spin on it.
Does this belong to the chef from Brooklyn Bowl? I know he rides a Chief for his transportation.
In 2000 I was commuting home to my place in the East Atlanta Village when I was hit head on by an uninsured driver. My old /6 BMW was shortened by about 18" and my wrist was shattered. I ended up going over the car. Her first words where "couldn't you see was turning left?". Unfuckingbelievable. 6 months of recovery and I started racing a RS125R. At least on the track everyone's going the same direction...
New Posts  All Forums: