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Hi, Did you sell this?
Those are really nice.  Thanks for the information.
What are the bottom right oxfords?
I purchased this Menlo and never took the tags off.  I read they ran tight (nope) so I went with an XL.  It fits like a 44.  I've been losing weight (yay!) so I thought it would work but I suppose I'm really a 42 or a 40 now (bummer).  I'd also be willing to trade with someone that has one that fits a 42. Free shipping via USPS Priority mail.
I purchased a few Gustin Natural straps and have one extra that I'm not going to use.  Never mounted to a watch and in new condition.  20mm size.  $45 plus $5.25 shipping.  I have it on eBay here:   **The Omega pictured is mounted on another, but identical, strap and is for display purposes and not included in the sale.  Duh.
I've had this for a long time but stopped using it about 4 years ago when Nicholas at Hollows leather made a really sweet shell wallet for me.  No rips and the stitching is solid.  I think I got it from JCrew back when they used to be interesting.  I believe it was originally natural but has darkened over time.  $50 shipped to you via USPS.
I've got my Lightning on eBay.  Here's the ad copy:  For your consideration is a nearly new, hardly worn Lewis Leathers Aviakit Lightning 402 in sheepskin leather. Size 42. I purchased this from Sid Mashburn in Atlanta...cost was $1200. I've worn it less than a dozen times and it's condition reflects this. It's also spent it's life in a non-smoking home.  If you have a Aero J106 in the ssme size I'd be interested in a trade.  Should you like to try it on and would like...
After coming to grips with the fact that I really need an E width I've decided to list my 2 month old Mister Freedom Road Champs. These are the new black versions. Worn about a dozen times and in very good condition (I refrained from engineering in my engineer boots) and complete with the denim bag. I paid $950 plus shipping for these. You get them for $800 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I waited a year for these and they are really beautiful but I've got feet like a...
Here's one that I built.  
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