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Hi all, searched around for a while and didn't see anything that helped me out so here I am. I'm looking to buy some denim, nice and slim through the lower legs (for pairing with a sport coat or sport shirt) that will 1) fit well in my larger thighs and knees (I'm not fat - I ride horses), 2) be college-affordable; I don't have my great job in minerals yet, and 3) preferably not be super worn/vintage/faded/whatever. Out of the three, I'm most willing to sacrifice my...
Preface: I know SF isn't huge on mixing orphaned jackets but I'm at a Big 10 school and things are a bit (read: extremely) loose here. Please don't tell me I'm naive - feel free to disagree with my plans, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought the item. I got a really nice medium shade brown pinstripe orphaned jacket for a steal. I'm creative and decided that while I'd never wear it as a suit, it'd be fun to play with as part of a more casual style. It's getting...
Thanks for the input, I apreciate it. There is a Nordstrom Rack fairly nearby, at any rate I will check it out for some holiday shopping when I go to Chicago. H&M is definitely too slim, as I found out the other week. I will check out Earnest Sewn, I can probably stretch to that price point.
Do I have a bad reputation because of the business casual thing? I feel like I don't have quite the resources to get things the proper garments so as to not be labeled a pariah here... Hah. Funny thing is, I was going to post another topic and instead used search bar. I have no Idea why I didn't for this one. Tanks for the feedback.
Been looking at this website here: Seems they have good prices, nice material and variety. Plus, it is near my house. Anyone bought anything from them before? Good or bad?
The guy that recommended Rag and Bone - really nice jeans but waaaay out of my price range. $30 limit for jeans here. Thanks anyway!
Thanks for the tips guys. I know that I am not quite "there" yet, so I appreciate the input. I was out of luck on the shoes, I only brought two nice pairs with me to where I am now and the other pair's zip broke, so I skipped the jacket and put gray pants on.
Anyway I am really asking about business casual suitability. I know the outfit isn't perfect, but I am working under very very limited resources.
Thanks for the comments. The shoes I know aren't ideal, but I quite literally do not have any other shoes other than REAL hiking boots. Same for the jeans. I will go on a tangent and ask - where do you find dark jeans that aren't all faded and yucky? I can't wear any slim pants whatsoever. They don't fit through my legs.
I am just curious if this is business casual in your opinion. I know that denim can work, and am wondering if this does. Forgive the background, I am very busy and it is dark outside.
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