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Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Lifting weights doesn't necessarily mean you are gaining muscle. Gaining muscle is in your diet, not lifting weights (well, indirectly). Weights should be a part of any weight loss regimen. like the previous guy hinted at; what the fuck?
pronger is a fucking monster. wish he was on my team.
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy BWaaaaaaaaRRRRRMMMmmmmm That's precisely the moment I shut it down. Yuck.
My face, and especially my neck, can barely handle one shave a day. It's why I have a beard.
Fucking love those cleveland videos.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigasahouse Trying to hard. Not as good as the first. Yeah, I really agree with this. Will probably get a lot of love elsewhere though.
Dated an exchange student, traveled back to her home country for a couple week period, left her crying in the airport, as that was where we had waited to have the "so what's going to happen?" conversation (I told her it was obvious neither of us were about to move across the world and taking it no further would be the best course of action). And another girl I had to break-up with three times. On the third time (which was the charm), she had driven down to visit me, and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by fir3fox Should be late this year, early next....? Or maybe they said that last year. and the year before =\\
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy its been like that for the previous 3 seasons season one ran from jan-mar, two from early march - may, and this past season from later march to just now, so i'm not sure where the fall comes in to this?
probably march next year or so
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