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 ^^^ That is NOT trash. Vintage 1962-1976 BASKIN Gun Check Plaid Tweed Sack Jacket 38 or 40 S.  Made in USA.
 ^^^ I wish, lol.
 ^^^ I put so much work into getting it to look like that, lol.  It was the color of iced tea when I initially received it.
Here's a bit of a brag...  [[SPOILER]]
^^^ VERY nice.
^^^ I like the BB bow tie.  Charvet & Hermes are both nice finds and they look legit to me.  Welcome to the thread!      edit: Countess Mara sucks.
Checkout this about Second Hand Bespoke over at AAAC.
  ^^^ +1.  I don't see anything wrong with a solid navy tie in cashmere or something else with a bit of texture, though.
 ^^^ I've worn that suit around the house, lol.
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