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Hi there   Will you ship to Australia?   Robbie 
are they still available?
Hi guys   In need of a couple of sports coat in Linen in 54 R or 54 L in white or light pastel colours for a white party theme. Preferably canvassed. Can anyone help?   Robbie 
I would like to take these.   Please confirm   Robbie
Hi there,   Like you I have a fetish for knit ties. I especially want a grey tie. I dont have a knit tie (Paul Stuart) but i have several ties from Gallo, TomFord and Charvet. Admittedly they are not new but they are barely worn 3 times at the most.   Perhaps you might like to trade, otherwise I am happy to purchase
I thought the second tie was more festive and suitable, however the big paisley and silk combo are too much for a white shirt. You would be best in a very pale blue shirt, that will bring the tie to life without it being to garrish against the stark white. You could then opt for the pocket square in any one of the guises pictured in the last photo. I have the exact same pocket square which I tend to use in a manner that simply peaks in the top corner of the pocket-a simple...
Hi there, I would like to take the Stefano Ricci tie. On another note the Calzoleria Harris shoes look interesting as well. I am not fmailar with the make. Are they GY welted? Made in Italy perhaps? I am a 44 shoe in EG and CJ, do you know if the shoes would be commensurate with the sizing with English shoes? Finally, is there a chance you can take more photos of the shoes? Rob
Hi there, Will you ship to Australia? Will you take 150 euro including shipping? Regards Robbie You can also email me at robert@actevate.com.au, so I can reply to you directly if you like
Total porn I only wish they were my size... Wow
Hi there,   Can you tell me the Uk size of the singe monk please. in EG I am a 10.5 E fitting  Are you happy to ship to Australia. Robbie 
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