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I'd be interested in a proxy too.  Send a PM if anyone is willing.  Thanks!
 Thanks guys.  I do try to pinch my shoulder blades together, could never get that real big arch.  I'll try to work pause bench and maybe floor presses into my routine to help.
Meet video from yesterday.  Anyone have any tips on bench press?      
Did my third meet of the year today, RAW United - Winter Classic.  Weighed in at 227, so I competed in the 242 weight class.  Totaled 1300, RAW belt only.   Squats  - Opener: 385 - Good lift  - 2nd: 430 - Good lift (5 lb PR)  - 3rd: 455 - Good lift (30 lb PR) Bench - Opener: 270 - Good lift - 2nd: 290 - Miss - 3rd: 290 - Miss Deadlift  - Opener: 530 - Good lift - 2nd: 560 - Good lift - 3rd: 575 - Good lift (10 lb PR)   Overall I hit the total I was going...
40% off MyProtein entire website. Enter Discount code BLACKFRI at checkout. I think the code's still good.
How do you guys size the Romaleos? TTS?
Anyone have a size chart/measurements for the sweaters?
My meet video from a few weeks back.  6'3", weighed in at 218, competed RAW belt only.  1275 total.  
 Thanks.  I've heard of Sheiko but never really looked into it.  I'll check it out though.
Competed in my second powerlifting competition yesterday.  R.A.W United federation, 220 Open (weighed in at 218), Ironman Belt division (belt only, no wraps/sleeves).  I'm working on getting the videos from my buddy's phone.   Squat 1st: 375 - Good Lift 2nd: 415 - Good Lift (3 lb. PR) 3rd: 425 - Good Lift (13 lb. PR)   Bench 1st: 365 - Good Lift 2nd: 285 - Good Lift  3rd: 295 - Miss (Got it half way up but couldn't lock out)   Deadlift 1st: 520 - Good...
New Posts  All Forums: