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How do you guys size the Romaleos? TTS?
Anyone have a size chart/measurements for the sweaters?
My meet video from a few weeks back.  6'3", weighed in at 218, competed RAW belt only.  1275 total.  
 Thanks.  I've heard of Sheiko but never really looked into it.  I'll check it out though.
Competed in my second powerlifting competition yesterday.  R.A.W United federation, 220 Open (weighed in at 218), Ironman Belt division (belt only, no wraps/sleeves).  I'm working on getting the videos from my buddy's phone.   Squat 1st: 375 - Good Lift 2nd: 415 - Good Lift (3 lb. PR) 3rd: 425 - Good Lift (13 lb. PR)   Bench 1st: 365 - Good Lift 2nd: 285 - Good Lift  3rd: 295 - Miss (Got it half way up but couldn't lock out)   Deadlift 1st: 520 - Good...
I normally don't test maxes in the gym either.  I hit 562 in my last meet (end of May), and have been doing 5/3/1 as my training program.  I got 7 with 495 for my 1+ which was awesome.  I think ego got the best of me though since I really wanted to hit 6 plates, so after my light sets on the deload week I worked up to it.  Felt good off the floor, just didn't have it in me I guess.  I'll run one my cycle of 5/3/1 before the meet in mid August.  
How do you guys deal with missed attempts?  I tried and failed at 585 last week on deadlifts.  Would have been about a 20 lb. PR.  I'm hoping to hit that in my next competition next month though.  Got some motivation now.  
Looking for some critique on my form.  This was my last set of 5/3/1 week so 1+ @ 370lbs.  Let me know if you guys think I'm hitting depth.  (disregard the commentary from my buddy).  Thanks.  
In for Green Irish Tweed @ 65 mL.  Thanks.
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