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Do you fit in an off the rack shirt or would you be better to have them custom made?   You can read our opinion HERE   What do you think? Is off the rack OK for you?
Here's something a little different     This is a suit made form one of the Clissold fabrics. It's a light brown birdseye   Many years ago brown suits were extremely popular but have certainly gone out of fashion today. Frankly I don't know why as I think they look good especially on a guy with a good silhouette.   This is one of our "Almost Bespoke" packages with world class wool and full hand stitching. It's a great suit that looks good and wear well.   You...
 Again not a bad first up effort. A few minor tweaks and the next suit will look even better. This is part of our  BACK TO WORK SPECIAL Two fully hand tailored full canvas suitsAn extra pair of trousers for each to extend the wear time of each suitFive custom made shirts That's 11 pieces (2 jackets, 4 trousers and 5 shirts) for the incredible price of $999 or around $940 in US dollars Now that's great value
If you follow the instructions above you should end up with something like this           Not absolutely perfect but getting there and a good effort for a first go at a MTM suit. would look better if he had the suit pressed first and wore shoes.   The fabric     is a nice Italian milled s130's cloth and the suit is a fully canvassed Beijing Collection suit
I've said many times that measuring yourself for a MTM suit isn't rocket science. It's really not as hard as many people think. One of the things that really bothers me is when people email me to say that their new jacket is too long or short. You can bet that they will sat that it say 5cm longer/shorter than their other suit jacket. This makes me what to write back to them with, what to me, is the obvious question why didn't you measure your existing jacket when doing the...
That's fairly close. Three weeks for the standard suits and 4-5 for the hand stitched ones which are definitely worth the wait though
Yet one more happy Elite Suits customer.   In this business you are always going to get a certain number of disgruntled customers. There is just so much scope for human error to creep into the process. Obviously customers measuring incorrectly is the biggest. No matter how much you try to make the measurement process as simple as possible customers are going to make mistakes. However, there a few steps before the tailor gets the order and even I have made mistakes...
I'm surprised this hasn't gained more traction. I thought it was a great idea for a thread
Just shows what you can do when you follow the process. This is why we are doing the Milan/English fabric deal. A few tweaks on the first suit and the second one will be better
A couple of pics sent in by a customer who has bought 3 suits and a sports jacket.I'll post some today and the rest tomorrow. The interesting thing about these is you can see the progression as we tweaked his measurements   Here is the first suit       He's not standing straight which is pulling off the balance of the suit a bit but it's not a bad first effort. The jacket and sleeves are OK and the shoulders are close. I think the chest needs to come in...
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