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Every morning at 2am. By 4pm I'm a wreck for the day
We try hard to offer our customers the best possible value for their suiting dollars. Offering full canvas suits that are hand made by trained and experienced tailors rather than fused or half canvas suits slapped together with glue and made by machine in giant suit factories is only the start. Another important point is offering the best fabrics possible for the price. We get many emails for customers surprised by the high quality of the fabric used for their suit. When...
I was trawling though another forum and come across this review from a customer. He's made a number of comments which I'm reposting here  Many times I said that the reason Elite Suits continues to grow is through repeat business. Once customers see the quality of their first suit they often order another more expensive suit straight away. This customer was no different, So what did he think of his second suit  I'm actually not sure who this is and I'm guessing we tweaked...
Gee Frank. I'm sorry your experience with Elite Suits was so displeasing. Oh hang on. You've never bought anything so actually you have no experience with us at all. Unlike the many Elite Suit customers who were so pleased with their new suits that they have posted positive reviews in many places and reordered time and time again Just like the customer who received their $1,300 suit on Tuesday and was so happy with it that he ordered two more overnight. You know in this...
If you're not sure about the various type of suit canvas then these two blog posts may be worth a read Fused Canvas v Full Canvas A Full Canvas Makes a Better Suit If you want a more unbiased opinion read any of THESE ARTICLES. They all say basically the same thing A full canvas makes a better suit The only reason you would buy an inferior half canvas or fused suit is price so my question is if you can buy a fully tailored full canvas suit for the same price, or in many...
Well Riva's suits suits are all organised. We've arranged to import the fabric and will be using a genuine Japanese bemberg lining and horn buttons for both suits   High quality fabrics and trimming on a hand made full canvas suit for only $549. When you see what others are charging for their factory made fused canvas (or if you're very lucky half canvas) suits that looks like great value to me   anyone else?
Yes it is available We have relationships with fabric merchants all over the world. If you find a fabric you like let me know and I will see if we can find something similar
there is a similar fabric in a charcoal. It's a lightweight 8oz all wool cloth    I'd have to check availability
 I think you may be right, I think the description to the 638 actually belongs to the 639 which isn't there. I'll see if I can sort it out later today. I'll also have a look for some checks
I did some quick scans and put the range HERE You can order the standard suit or the full canvas version. If you buy two suits in the same order I'll upgrade you with the Japanese Bemberg lining and horn buttons for both suits at no extra charge
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