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By the way, anyone familiar with women's denim? My GF is almost sold on raw denim but I don't really know what's out there for the ladies. I know nudies(bleh) have some. APC? N&F?
Seriously wish that I could fast forward in time another 9 months. I'm just now starting to see some good fades on my NS's after 3 months of constant wear. It's such torture.
The Army made a big deal about a couple traffic violations I had to go along with a briefly suspended driver's license. Granted, this was for commissioning, but I was really surprised that it was such a hurdle.
In high school and college I perpetually had this problem. Then I made two major changes:   1. Trimmed down my armpit hair. There's no need for insulation there anyways! 2. Switched to a non-antiperspirant deodorant. Turns out a lot of guys have a reaction to the aluminum in them which irritates the skin and creates [i]more[/i] sweat. Besides, aluminum might be implicated in a number of a long-term health issues.   These two changes and now I don't even bother...
Took a week off of working out for exam study time. Today is my first day back. I am quite nervous about it. All body weight exercises, here we go!
Seems a bit vague, but it'll work I suppose?
So do we post here or email you, Mike? edit: For the competition, that is.
Having picture issues...sorry!   http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/8039/img43141.jpg   Won't let me put the pic in my post. Guess I haven't gotten enough posts.
Ahhh the hem :(
Those double monks are absolutely incredible. Slim chance they stick around until my tax return, but I guess I'll cross my fingers till then. 
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