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Holy shit! I think our dogs are related! did you get yours from two guys who run a pottery camp for kids? 
yeah that place is fresh. always bad-ass korean bruhs smoking blunts out back and skater kids playing pool wasted. the free m'ms in a bowl at the front is also a nice touch.
is this the korean pool house in oakland on market? kinda near art murmur area (barf).     
i like your blog. this dude doesnt like feminism because he doesnt know how to talk to women. 
  If your a true baller:   bro, ronnel is just being an artist
  i think i saw you (lol). Were you in the mission?    
thanks for the picks! I am a size 2 or 1, sometimes 0, so that unfortunately limits my choices. my current wardrobe is very designer depraved, i tailor most of my own clothes, I have the kind of drape-y oversized button down shirts that work with the stuff you sent. i think i just bought these pants, but this website is very difficult to navigate.   I am going to buy the first jacket you sent me, it's exactly the kind of thing...
anyone want to link me to some 'basic' wardrobe building yohji pieces? I have been saving up but can only afford to buy a few garments at the moment. I know yohji clothes are very versatile, but some are more informal than others. I don't want the rest of my wardrobe to be to intimidated. I'm thinking causal billowy trousers or jackets. any help here would be appreciated...
what pants?
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