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@mdancel, did you post the same set of pics twice? Surprised to hear the taupe doesn't work. I was so sure it would! Do you have a pic showing the two together?
Here are some fit pics of the indigo after having sleeves hemmed. No other alterations. Asked the alterations tailor to try to press lapels closer to 3 roll 2 but when I picked it up, he said he basically just pressed them flat to get rid of prior creasing. Buttoned Unbuttoned While waiting for my coffee/talking to my colleagues and pretending to know what I'm talking about... Lapel out of the box:
I almost asked this earlier today! But then decided I ask too many questions in this thread...
This picture was taken after the jacket had been sitting in my closet for a week, so I assume any humidity would be gone by then. At the end of a day of non-humid wear, it looked the same.Thanks for taking the time to comment. If I discuss with the tailor, I will not use your name. You will be known as "some guy on the internet."
Naw. If I'm spending this much for fabric I would go custom for an extra $50 instead.Thanks.
At the risk of sounding obnoxious: called it.
Thanks very much.The jacket was not steamed or dry cleaned since being let out and pressed by the tailor. But it was worn on a couple of very hot and humid days, though not in the rain.You are correct that the roll extends past the button.You are correct that the fronts do fall away, if that means that when I wear the jacket unbuttoned, the front parts have a large gap between them.Any of this fixable? I'm assuming that the cut of the shoulder isn't....
[DELETED] my question was answered in the tailors' thread
Can anyone explain why the front of this suit wrinkles so much? It is mtm by a local tailor, and the two other suits he has made for me do not do this. I'm wondering if it is a construction issue, or the nature of the very light cloth. It is a summer Super 130 cloth from Scabal. Although it has an X at the buttoning point, it isn't tight. It used to be before it was let out at the waist.
2 questions: 1) is the pricing still the same at 1095 for suit, add 100 for full canvas? 2) ever think of doing a run of off the rack run of fresco trousers? Your trousers fit me well enough that I could probably buy those instead of mtm.Edit: If I could save ~$100
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