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 I was in at the shop today. The jacket I tried on, the lightest grey they currently have, felt very well made for the price ($318, on sale from 399). I didn't wind up picking up the suit, as I had some shoulder dimples (damned sloping shoulders!). If I had normal shoulders I would have bought it as an everyday suit.  I also bought trousers and three shirts. No issues with the seams on the trousers even when sitting down. I have large thighs and calves, but I could still...
Hello all.   So, I just placed an order for this   and I am thinking about how to assemble a tasteful outfit around it.   The jacket is pure cashmere.   I would prefer that the outfit is towards the more formal side of what can be done with the jacket. This is for a business casual day, but I don't want to push the limits of casual more than the fabric on the jacket already does. I also feel like if the accompanying clothes are too formal (e.g. worsted wool...
Have you ever considered adding a wishlist to your website? It would be nice to be able to send one link to my family/significant other instead of many links. :)   Also: another new request: Benjamin odd trousers (flanel, etc)
 Good idea.
Any idea on when the half-canvassed Benjamin suits are happening?
 I wore my jacket (black/white/orange/red check - pics posted earlier in the thread) today. It is moderately warmer than a regular wool jacket. I expect to be able to wear it through the first 2/3 of spring until the temperature consistently reaches the mid-high teens. I feel like the one I have is made more seasonal based on the appearance of the fabric than the actual weight of the jacket. To me it's a bit more of a winter jacket. I got 5 more complements on the jacket...
I did a quick search, and only found dated threads.   I will be in Tel-Aviv. I like to pick up something when I travel. I'm looking for a good tie, or a pocket square. Possibly shoes.   Anywhere worth visiting in Tel-Aviv? Prior threads seemed to suggest that most people from the area buy these types of items from Europe/the US.    Appreciate any feedback people have.
 Thanks a lot!  It has a black and white base, but there is orange in it. Here is a closeup of the weave with relatively accurate colour (on a default calibration Macbook Air monitor). Even though it's only 5% cashmere, it's still very soft. In Most of the time it looks grey with a slight orange tinge, but the large black and white pattern pops out. In low light it the oranges and reds come out more. 
I paid $50 total for Magic Tailor in Toronto to do surgeon's cuffs, by machine. They had to have the jacket sent out, because they didn't have the machine.I've also had them done by Ray Singh in North York, also by machine. I think it was 50 or 60. In my opinion, Raj's looked much better. Fuller stitching around the holes.I'd like to get handfinished holes, but there's no way I'm paying $160 for that detail at this point.
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