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Greetings Vancouverites. I have a few hours free in Vancouver (Gastown) today. Is there anything unique clothing-wise that I should be sure to see that I can't see in Toronto?    Specifically, I'm looking for a) good dress shoes, and b) vegan fair trade clothes for my wife.   Any suggestions?
Any comments @Despos, or the other tailors? Would appreciate insight!
Thanks. I think your suits fit well. I really like the buttonholes,and will probably request that he does them by hand if I order more from him. Do you know what he charges for the hand finished holes?
Very interesting. I do like Raj, generally. See the review I posted earlier.You may be right about the camera angle. This was taken at mid-chest height,which may have messed things up.I will make the trek up to North York to have him let the suit out, and repost pictures from a better angle,closer to eye height.I would be interested in seeing the fit of your suit. Did you find your prior suits made by him to be tight?
Worse. The first suit was slightly tight, but proper length/front balance. This is quite tight. Feel like a sausage.
Thanks. I agree. My hips probably look massive because they essentially are. When I'm in shape I wear around a size 33/34 pant. I'm currently in 37/38 trousers, but working on it.  I'm somewhat annoyed that Raj didn't make it longer and looser for this purpose. I didn't ask for a short jacket. Even when I'm in decent shape, though, my hips aren't much narrower than my shoulders, so I think this longer/looser advice will always apply.
Sorry - What's not a difficult alteration? 
Just posted a review of a navy blazer Raj Singh made for me in the Toronto Custom Suit thread, for those who may be interested. Previously he nailed the fit of a three piece suit for me, but this time I think something's really off.   Would appreciate feedback - good or bad.
 I feel like I should update this thread, as I have had Raj make another jacket. I decided not to go for an italian-styled jacket, and instead asked for something more structured and formal. I said I want a navy blazer I can basically wear in place of a suit.It was made from Scabal 120s fabric and cost $1100 when he was having a sale on Scabal cloth. If I were choosing again, I would choose a fabric with more texture than this. I find it to be a bit suit-ey. I had one...
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