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Can I preorder?
Good points. I am willing to go out of the way to pick something up, but not that far out of the way. I was concerned that buying cloth without knowing what I'm doing could be a poor choice.
Cities: Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre.   No kids.
I will be travelling to Italy soon, and would like to bring back something as a momento. I would have loved to have a suit made, but that's way beyond my budget right now, so that will have to wait for another time.   Within this price range, I was thinking a) a few nice ties, b) a unique cloth or two that I could have made into jackets or a suit a few months after I get back, or  c) one good pair of shoes.   If I go for cloth, which mill(s) should I visit? At this...
Also, the $10 button upgrade is worth it, IMO, where you expect to wear the shirt without a tie. The purple shirt, above, has them, and they are a nice extra.
On collars, I thought I would provide some examples of collars by Spier & MacKay.   Here is a S&M OCBD that I purchased around a year ago. I like it.     Here is their current "classic" button-down. This collar has inter-lining, because the fabric is light. I notice that to get the kind of roll I would prefer, I need to pull the collar so that the button is at the end of the buttonhole loop, otherwise it tends to stand a little flat. I'm not sure if this would be...
Any plans to do a navy hopsack or nailhead blazer, three patch pockets? 
Whites number 3-5 are what I was looking for.
 I was in at the shop today. The jacket I tried on, the lightest grey they currently have, felt very well made for the price ($318, on sale from 399). I didn't wind up picking up the suit, as I had some shoulder dimples (damned sloping shoulders!). If I had normal shoulders I would have bought it as an everyday suit.  I also bought trousers and three shirts. No issues with the seams on the trousers even when sitting down. I have large thighs and calves, but I could still...
New Posts  All Forums: