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 I suggest you do a grand opening that a) makes the most of your surroundings, and b) capitalizes on your knowledge of cloth.  Book a private room at either Mercatto or Teronni on a Thursday night. Invite SF-ers and loyal Toronto customers. S&M buys the first round of drinks, but we pay for our own meals. You (Rick) can lecture us about cloth while we eat, providing swatches that illustrate what you're talking about. After the meal, we go back to S&M's new location and...
Thanks for all the feedback re: pleats. I didn't see several of these posts before,and am now planning on just leaving them.
B & S find. Recently made by Kent Wang. Higher rise, and I think they're properly executed. Very nice suit otherwise, but the pleats are just not my preference. If I could even reduce to one pleat, I would like it a lot better. Will likely try Xavier. Either that or just post to the Toronto B&S thread. I need the closet space...Edit: just saw some replies I missed earlier and I've decided to leave them as is.
@Caustic Man   Jinx. You owe me a pop. 
  I respect your buying integrity. My wife is vegan, so I understand how difficult it can be to find suitable options to your taste that are well-made. WHAT ARE YOU DRESSING FOR? This has a huge impact on what we will suggest. If you want a lot of suits, and you are willing to spend 2k, I'm assuming you are dressing for a conservative business dress environment (I assume you're in a senior management role somewhere, where suits are the norm for meetings). Let us know if...
 That I am.  My wallet is relieved I am not the same size as @RogerP, or I would be bankrupt and possibly divorced from buying all of his kick-ass boots. Has anybody had pleats successfully removed by an alterations tailor?  @TRINI , @Master-Classter 
Are the second flannels brown and the last trousers green? Do I see two darts at the top of the seat (to accommodate a "prominent seat")?   Also, that cashmere herringbone jacket would be an awesome staple, particularly with the light grey flannels. Bam! awesome winter suit for  $650ish. Casual enough, but not too country to be worn in the city. I would need to sell off another winter jacket or two to make room for it, though...
 Lol. I like the consistency.
If it makes everyone feel better, lights were on and vehicles were out front when I was on my way to the gym at 5:15am, so they seem to be working around the clock on this.
I received my third suit from Raj (3-piece in Scabal Eton fabric) and I am very happy. It fits better than either my first or second jacket. Long enough in the front; ease in the chest and waist.   I was clearer with him when ordering that I wanted a conservative suit, with space in the chest and waist; nothing too fitted, and nothing trendy short. He fulfilled my requests and I am definitely continuing to go to him.    Next up will be the rangoon that I have on order...
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