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I just received 1 of the 2 ties I had ordered! Hope to get the second soon. Still no word.
Dibs on black oxfords.
I hadn't seen those before. That pic looks like an instant classic to me.Does anyone else think the stripes make it a little more casual?
Makes sense. For a second I thought you might be a professional philanthropist.
Out of sheer curiosity, how does anyone require "a few" tuxedo shirts? Do you attend multiple black tie events per week?
Dirty phone pics. Ties are nice. Colours are not representative. Red one could've been tightened a bit... Cloths are nice and understated. Width is good.
@flvinny521, I have a cut of navy Rangoon in downtown Toronto that is waiting to be funded. I got it in @kolecho's most recent run. I can meet to show you it if you want to see it in person. It looks fantastic! But is not as textured as I would like for a sport coat. I'm having hopsack from @Edmorel made up by Spier and Mackay as we speak,as well as grey fresco that I brought to them. So, yes, they do cmt. The navy suit I posted in their thread was also navy flannel from Ed.
+1That was actually the main reason that I hadn't ordered mtm from Kent. I also feel that the 4.25 is too wide for me and a 3.5 is not quite wide enough.
Does anyone have alternate contact information for @hnwhite? @Cleav?   Since i was raving on about the product earlier, I feel the need to update with my experience.   I've tried emailing and PMing. I paid him for two ties over 3 months ago and it appears as if nothing was sent to me. I'm going to see if there's any way to dispute the charges (Via paypal or credit card company), but assuming this venture is kaput it's likely too late and what I've paid is probably...
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