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 I asked something similar back on page 5. Lots of good recommendations in the following posts. Still haven't bought those damned medium brown shoes...
Darker side is better, IMO. I have a jacket made by Z Zegna that is similar to the lighter side. I find it to be a little difficult to match. Seems to kind of go with lots of stuff, but not go awesomely with very much. I thought I had found a winner combo below, but the people in Whnay's good taste thread disagreed. :/  Prior model of Benjamin shirt FTW.The colour is a little off. The stripes are orange, not red.
Thank you, sir. Edit: I guess that's the one upside to living in an area where it snows for four months and isn't really hot for 9 out of 12 months. Seasonal jackets! I can wear anything - for at least 4 months of the year.
I have fit issue that I don't think has been asked iabout n this thread yet.   I bought this jacket from a SF member - it's from the Cornelliani ID line. The jacket is extremely soft - there's virtually no padding and if feels like a sweater.   I generally like the fit, but how the shoulders fall annoy me. Are the shoulders too wide for my build? Or cut for people with bigger delts?  Is the jacket somehow defective? This is a 40r and I am typically a 41 or 42r. When...
Here are the fit pics of the Benjamin Mediterranean Blue Bella Spalla Jacket.     I think I had the sleeves shortened a little too much. As mentioned before, Magic Tailor in Toronto undid the buttonhole stictching with no scarring at all.   I generally like the cut. The shoulders have very little padding on the top and back of the shoulder. It feels like there's slightly more padding in the front of the shoulder than I was expecting. There is some padding or wadding...
 Really like this. Interesting, but not too crazy.
Good to know, thanks!
How do the battisti polos fit? Slimmer cut or fuller cut. I noticed you list them larger than the tag size, but are they cut for large drop or small drop?   Can anyone speak to how they stand up to wear? I'm looking for a couple of good polos.   I wear a 42r jacket, but still have some spare-tire action going on right now. Is large the size to go with?
I am serious about the cat shirt question. Can it be done?
 +1 for this place. Also great for cheap shine brushes, laces, etc. 
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