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Any OTR linen shirts planned before mid-June?
I have both. I wear each around once a week. I like both, and feel that both offer great value, but they are very different suits.  Speaking only on off the rack clothing: Kent's suit feels comparable to most of the suits that retail for around 2k or more off the rack in Toronto - Canali, etc. My KW suit feels better made than the  Samuelsohn suit I wore yesterday.  If I needed a charcoal suit, and wanted to buy a top-quality OTR suit, I would jump on that $599 deal...
Nice. Expected prices? Will probably buy #1 and #2 in a button down. Possibly straight blue, as well.Edit:never mind about the price question. On the site...
They look beautiful. I'm a ways away from being able to buy this level of stuff, though. Best of luck with the new line!
 Especially since I invited you personally in the OP...Bring your Toronto friends.
I live in Canada. Most of the items I would like to buy (from Styleforum Affiliates) are denominated in other currencies. The recent change in the Canada to US exchange rate has made the shoes I want to buy from US vendors, for example, around 20% more expensive than they were in mid-2014.   Ultimately, I am trying to determine some efficient method of knowing when is a good time to buy foreign products. I figure there are lots of economists/bankers/etc. on the board so...
Did you ever decide to do the Starry Night square?
Are you ever going to do more 7-fold ties in 3 1/8" + widths?   I have a brown one you guys made that is so soft. It's one of my favourite ties. 
Colour seems to be off. Stripes in the tie are orange, not red. Shoes are dark brown with a reddish tint.The jacket is blue-green-grey. Shirt is off-white ("vanilla").Considered plain brown knit tie (that is thinner), or cream silk pocketsquare, but worried that would be too much creme/brown and too monochromatic.
After many months of lurking, here is my second attempt at appeasing the good taste gods: Would prefer wider lapels, but got the jacket for $100 from b&s, so it is what it is. Lower half: Would welcome feedback.
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