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Asssuming you are going to a real tailor who has been working for years to develop his skills and knowledge, I think of a tailor as being like a well-established chef. Styling choices are personal, like saying "I would like something spicy". Saying how much you are looking so spend on a meal is fine. Asking about the ingredients is fine.But if you're going to tell a tailor how to make the suit, it's like going back into the kitchen and telling that chef how much heat to...
I have been wearing their black and brown dress belts since they came out. They have held up much better than the Winners belts I was using before, andn look significantly better. Nice soft leather, too.
Looks awesome! Is this Kolecho's Rangoon? I have a length waiting to be funded...
Me too. 4 years.
Might be interested! But it's hard to get a sense of the overall look from the ruler measurements. Does anyone have a pic of a jacket with similar size checks that they can post? Or, Kolecho, can you add a banana for scale?
 Nice buttonholes.  I do the short-arm-three-button move somewhat frequently. I've come to appreciate it as a feature, rather than a downside. Now I choose 3 buttons for odd jackets even where there's room for 4...
Wait. If you can do wingtip, that means you can do shirts for court? My current court shirts SUUUUUCK. Wingtip like this?http://legalattire.ca/products/3-ridolfi-premium-cotton-court-shirts-mens  EDIT: Woohooo! 500 posts.
Relevant YouTube video from N.W.A.
@Coxsackie, the suit looks great! I did notice the lower buttoning point before you mentioned it. But I didn't notice them being too close together. I like the lower buttoning point on you. @Roycru, I enjoyed your buttoning post. It's timely. A couple of days ago I saw a well dressed guy in his 50s wearing his jacket this way in Toronto. He was obviously a clothes horse. So I was confused. This may have been his intention... a subtle FU to the style rules police...
New Posts  All Forums: