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I need to buy contemporary fit. Big legs. I still find them relatively slim, but comfortable. I don't think the contemporary fit are aggressively slim.
I have six pairs. I have been buying them sporadically since their first run.They are a great value, especially when purchased at a discount. The cut is very good. The fabric is good, but when you reach into your closet you won't confuse them with $400 pants from Robert Jones or $300 pants from Harry Rosen (which is to be expected for $59-99).Check the measurements on the pants that come with your suit before you have them hemmed. One pair I got with my grey flannel suit...
This is a neat idea. You could just throw an extra pack of buttons in the suit pocket. 
Just picked up a nice knit tie. The sales guys were nice. Beautiful unstructured sport coats from 499,but most have flap pockets. Apparently they are putting out new stock tomorrow, according to Francesco.
Thanks for posting. I didn't even know this place existed.
I also appreciate the Loding review. I like these a lot, apart from Loding on the sole. How much did they cost?
This is exactly why I thought we should have this thread. For some reason my phone stopped letting me know when the thread was updated, and I missed it. . The worst part is that I could have gone had I known. This post is legendary. Thanks for posting, othertravel.
Nice choices. I was considering the first one, buy don't have either of these. I have two Benjamin Napoli coats, and they were both slightly darker in person than they were on the site. Maybe others could weigh in on whether they've found the same.
Sounds very close to something I will be doing soon,except that I have sloping shoulders. Please post fit pics when completed!
Great post! Last year they had some really nice flannels at this event. They were around 1k. Not much higher.
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