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Sorry for the delay in my reply.  I don't feel pressure on the outside shoulder points. Do feel pressure at the armpits (whether done up or undone) and pressure all over chest and stomach all over when done up. Someone in another thread recommended I take pictures from eye level (my prior ones were near-chest level). Here are the revised pics.  [[SPOILER]] I had gained two inches in waist and hips since this tailor last made something for me. I think he may have used my...
I rebuffed someone from this outfit last week. Glad I did, by the sounds of things.
This fabric/thread combo is bananas. I really like it. I think I'm too old to wear it. But I like it.
These two are pure badassery. And in my size...http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/designers/caruso/maco-suit-41r-42r-14.html http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/designers/caruso/caruso-suit-41r-42r.html 
 As a guy with short arms, this is really great news! 
Hopsack looks amazing!
I, too, have had the no-knock from Canada Post. Very frustrating. I actually saw the van outside and ran out after it. I called the guy out on it and he didn't care. I also opened a complaint,but nobody got back to me and I never bothered following up. Eff that guy.
Greetings Vancouverites. I have a few hours free in Vancouver (Gastown) today. Is there anything unique clothing-wise that I should be sure to see that I can't see in Toronto?    Specifically, I'm looking for a) good dress shoes, and b) vegan fair trade clothes for my wife.   Any suggestions?
Any comments @Despos, or the other tailors? Would appreciate insight!
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