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If anyone has 3.75m of solid charcoal flannel that they are looking to offload, please pm me. Looking for something that is not too expensive i can use to try out a new mtm outfit.
...at the event... while wearing my Eidos Ajrak belted cardigan...
I know, but sometimes my bosses go to legit black tie events. I've seen them wear tuxes in the elevator, so I know it happens sometimes...
Has anyone in this thread been to the TIFF gala screenings and red carpet lounge? I just found out my employer would like me to go (with clients) and I don't know what the dress code is. Website seems to be of little help. Hope it's not black tie, 'cause I don't have a tux...
This is a great looking cloth. Nice choice for something conservative with some surface interest.
One more customer who would add extra room in the thigh, and a higher rise. I would also add room in the calf, but that might just be me....
One more for 2 button. The 3 roll 2.5 is unique in my closet. I like it, but would prefer straight 2.
I'm surprised the difference in sizes is so slight. Overall I prefer the length of the 38 better. If you aren't getting any replies here, you might want to try the Tailor's thread to get feedback from more knowledgeable people that I.
@mdancel, did you post the same set of pics twice? Surprised to hear the taupe doesn't work. I was so sure it would! Do you have a pic showing the two together?
Here are some fit pics of the indigo after having sleeves hemmed. No other alterations. Asked the alterations tailor to try to press lapels closer to 3 roll 2 but when I picked it up, he said he basically just pressed them flat to get rid of prior creasing. Buttoned Unbuttoned While waiting for my coffee/talking to my colleagues and pretending to know what I'm talking about... Lapel out of the box:
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