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How do you wear a pair of jeans with a suit? 
I loved the Stone Roses and still adore their first album, pretty much like everything they've done but they look a right shambles now they're playing again. If you thought Ian Brown was a bad singer then you should hear him now. They all look pretty worn out too, wearing clothes that are for young people. Can't believe they got back together for anything other than the big money to retire on. All they've done is play old songs and they only had two albums!
There's the elitist element as well, if particular brands or items go too mainstream the original buyers in a lot of cases move on to the next 'thing'. Thankfully some brands at least some of their items stay top quality for years so you can always get them and appreciate the feel, fit and quality. But some of the prices now are getting ridiculous. Baracuta being a prime example. I would never pay what they are asking for now. To think I got a couple of the mesh G9's for...
 It's a sickness! I think five are Made in England jobs. Four of them are still unworn.There's a button missing off the hooded one but I have plenty of spares ; ) 
Completely agree with you about Stone Island, Armani etc connotations. I'm not into the tennis stuff either but I do like Adidas Originals track tops and got about a dozen pairs of various trainers. I wouldn't mind the odd piece of Ellesse or Fila though. There are some nice bits, but the days of being completely covered from head to toe are long gone. I am completely overloaded with polo's though, I've got far too many. I've got it in my head now that the unopened...
 Yeah, the baggy loose fitting stuff was a bit of a travesty. The hair was even worse. Luckily I grew out of both!
 Nah, I'm in south Wales. Originally from near Watford in Hertfordshire. The name refers to a brief flirtation with a certain 'fashion' that was based around a music scene up Norf  (interesting how some of us dressed like twats while a couple or so decades earlier kids of the same age dressed so smartly etc that's another discussion though). Thankfully, I don't wear loose boot cut jeans anymore. The casual bit refers to more of a terrace style (without the fighting) that...
The car was great, lots of compliments while driving it. Slightly uncomfortable on long drives, loud engine and exhaust all added to the experience. Shame you can't drive too fast in a lot of places these days with all the cameras and restrictive speed limits (wouldn't be surprised if I end up with six points on my license). Can recommend Vintage Classics in Melksham where I hired it. Relatively expensive but you get a great 300 miles per 24hrs (plus extra £1 per mile) and...
Just seen the Mikkel Rude Aviators and really like them, but torn between the lens colours. Was actually looking to buy a pair of 3025 Rayban Aviators to replace my cheap replicas but I think these look really elegant. Am very tempted. 
Can't go wrong with those suggestions. I think I will give the desert boots a miss though, at least when I am driving. I have a pair that give me terrible blisters and get really sore after a while. I think the plan will be suede trainers for driving, boots/shoes put on before getting out of the car in as subtle a manner as possible.
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