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The retail price on those G4 copies is astronomical. They don't say made in England and even if they did they'd still be over priced. Probably a decent jacket for 30 quid though.  A bit out of season but there's a batch of Persol sunglasses on TKMAXX for £69.99 made in Italy, reasonable price if you like that sort of thing. 
Hi gents, got three Lands End polos going cheap for anyone interested (too big for me). Size S but medium relaxed fit as they are 'traditional fit'. Black, Navy and Grey. They have three buttons and a chest pocket without logo. They are pima cotton. In original unopened packaging. PM if interested. 
My dad got a Charles Tyrwhitt type catalogue in the post, virtually identical stuff just a different name. Incidentally he does buy casual shirts from CT and is quite happy with them but when it comes to shoes it's a different matter. He's got no interest in expensive/good shoes now as he spends most of his time fly fishing or waiting to go fly fishing. I had a quick flick through the catalogue and  questioned the price of the shoes at £100 down from a supposed £200 -...
I think he just about gets away with it, I think it helps in his case being quite tall. Maybe a different colour trouser would have looked better?
Coat looking good on him to be fair at Japanese War Memorial twenty years since his mother Diana visited.   Apparently he will be working as an air ambulance pilot shortly which is good to hear despite my hatred for the Royal Family as an institution.
I know this is simply a marketing photo but I think he looks really good, still prefer the car though      Taken from the John Simons webshop
The 'High Street' seems to be doing a lot of bomber cum tracktops these days, Zara, River Island, Topman. But I don't go in these shops so wouldn't know of the quality, finish etc. I wouldn't expect too much though. As far as British sportswear goes I can only really think of Walsh trainers but they look terrible anyway. There must be others though who do clothing?
That shop should come with a health warning, I bought two basic Puma polo's form there years ago and they were ruined after one wash, straight in the bin. I've learned from experience it's not worth buying from untrusted sources no matter how cheap/alluring something appears. Same goes for mainlinemenswear, don't buy anything from there either. Pretty sure they sell fakes too.
That 80scasuals site is so overpriced on virtually every item, I'm amazed they seemingly do so well. A lot of the sports brands from the 80's are tat now, the companies have either changed hands and or all the gear is made for a tuppence in God knows where or under license. 
Easily one of the better dressed Knightley. Sadly couldn't vote as the poll had expired. I feel sorry for some of them. But it's a good indication of US (mainly) perception and taste given you came down the pecking order. In the words of Bernard Manning who I'm no particular fan of: what a fucking disgrace.
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