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  you dropped 2k to look "not bad"?
It's not just polos, it's obnoxious striped polos, and you're right, they are fucking everywhere.
  for true steez u gotta get some cordovan alden sandals
Everyone in this thread has been recommending very specific fields of philosophy for people who want an intro to read. Like econ, or ethics. The others have gone off talking about continental theory.  If you want an introduction, read an introductory book, "Modern Philosophy" by Roger Scruton is a good beginning, he covers the groundwork of most modern philosophy (continental philosophy and analytic philosophy). Once you get more into philosophy, you'll find that during...
    how big are those cuffs   like 4 inches?
Inseam is 34.5 IIRC  
If the Unbranded Tapered (201) cut fits me well, what N&F cut should I get?
You take both laces, hold them together, and form a loop, then you put both ends through the loops.
What boots are those?
What kind of boots are those?  
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