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AFL, what glasses do you wear?
Slim guys are not WGs, they are straighter and looser in general IIRC. If you have normal proportions, and are athletic, I would look at the WGs
probably reddit
  BlueOwl has measurements that I think are fairly accurate. Measure yourself then look those up. I think you should be around a 28/29, as Tapereds fit like WGs, although WGs may be 1 size bigger than UBs.
Also, I felt that Weird Guy's have a slightly lower rise than Unbranded when I've tried each on.
those duck boots are pretty ridiculous
You can never lose the awkward stance though...
so saludo is definitely miran right?
hey man, he got 7 fittings on that $2000 suit
  you dropped 2k to look "not bad"?
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