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I want a pair of side-zips, but my budget is <$300, anyone know any good places to sift through other than B&S and yoox?
don't like the tuck w/ side zips
  Both are pretty good quality but have their own pros and cons.   N&F fade ok, and are pretty durable, don't really stretch that much APC fade really well, but they wear out pretty fast (crotch blowouts are pretty common) and stretch a lot, especially at the knees.   You'll probably be satisfied either way, you should probably just look up measurements and try to try each of them on to see which fit better, and just get that.
now entering burger-threadville, next exit in 15 pages   or get some fabric glue and put patches where the denim is thinning
Synth, how did you alter the neck on that t shirt?
New Cures are more tapered, you could try getting NCs then sizing up.
  What cut of chinos are you referring too? 
doubt it, no one tucks into chukkas, and mellow always has cropped pants, those are just black/dark socks
yeah, i guess i was a bit harsh, but the jacket is short and rolls awkwardly, and the pants, rather than draping, just give him a diaper butt that sags in the middle
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