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Wrong, I bought the boots from the Santana Row store.
like the tucked shirt a lot more
APK, feel like the shirt is a tad long
what's with the bending over pose   i never got that.   can you just stand up straight or something
How do you get to the last unread post with the new forum design? The stickies are gone .
outsole is like 11.9 inches on a 43
I went in yesterday. The boots are marked 149.00 on the tag, but when I went to the counter I got charged for 299. The cashier talked to someone and it seemed like a mix up in the computer system, but I ended up getting a pair for 149.   The sale is real.
Can someone proxy some black sidezips for me?
I think you need to invest in some good footwear, those boots and your diesels have weird finishes/profiles. I think these boots are the only thing bad about this fit
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