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nazis had some dope fits
gotta check the materials on the socks, every color is different and some horrible and will develop holes pretty quickly
Hey,   What are the thigh/hem widths?
can that dude even zip his shit up
 What's popular doesn't look good on everyone. Let's be real, you don't have the body for cropped pants, and you always wore jeans that had no break like suit pants, but were still long enough that I wouldn't consider them cropped, resulting in something that just didn't look right.
I think this would work better without the cuffs, and something that wasn't docs.
I think he started posting on instagram or something. 
I don't mind the guy in the lookbook elisix. It's safe, but it works for that guy. You're not that guy though. What you're doing is not only really monotonous, but everything looks slightly disproportionate. That guy probably has 3-4 inches on your waist, and is maybe 2-3 inches taller. That safe look looks good on him because of his build. You really need to expand outside of jackets, shirts, and chinos.
Vests without being part of a suit or of a more casual nature are just poor taste. The shirt might be okay, but the color screams "I'm going clubbing, gotta peacock and seduce those ladies," which is also in poor taste. Finally, the pants are too high-waisted, and you shouldn't tuck a shirt into jeans like that.   Everything about your fit is kind of typical of a person who hasn't been exposed to actual fashion, yet wants to be "fashionable". Brutal honesty, so don't take...
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