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I think the wash color is a - wash. The both look good. Depends on the contrast you are looking for based on wearing those jeans. I like dark but have to say with those jeans I like the polo and the lighter wash coat. I buy everything dark and lighten it thru wear.
Large. Definitely.
Just ordered my first pair of rivet chinos ... way too pumped to see them. Really enjoy this store a lot! Thanks. 
  Sorry you missed out on the LWBs. That sucks. I think we have to get over this thing about saving on shipping. If we decide we want something we need to take action. I think of it this way - shipping is the price of doing business. In the end think of it like this - what is your time worth and how long are you going to keep your aldens - i will have mine for a long ass time - push the "submit order" button and revel in the excitement! 
Really nice looking whiskey chukkas. They look great with those jeans. Which jeans are those. Like the fit.     
  Most beautiful thing I have seen all day. Was at Alden DC today and saw the ravello longwing and tried on the captoe boot in cigar and color 8 on grant last. (Note: My foot is true 9D on Brannock (sp?), little between 9C and 9D, and the LWB on Barrie in 8.5D is a great fit and the 8.5D on grant last also fits great but is a little bit closer fit than the Barrie in the same size. Obvious to some, but hopefully that helps some trying to decide sizes (8D in grant was too...
What does a retailer like Jcrew do with products like these boots when they come back?  I am sure they repackage and reship the boots that have a "crease," etc. What do they do with a boot that has ripped out speed hooks? Is there a Jcrew outlet store or some equivalent to REI's Attic Sale where they sell everything that is scratched, worn, returned, etc. for reduced prices.   Originally Posted by localman   
Nice boot. Cuff question. How much longer than your inseam do you (anyone) buy trousers to achieve that cuff (double?)?
First, I have seen the way you dress and i think you  are spot on. I was young something stationoned in Panama a long time ago and I asked my supervisor, "How do you know how to cook?" He said I know what tastes I like so I cook with those spices." I think that is how I dress...I have LWB on Barrie (redundant?) and several pairs of Japanese selvage. I love the way the Barrie fits my foot and the heaviness of denim from Japan - my second homeland. I am from Seattle and...
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