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Hey guys, what do you think about these shoes? I would like to wear it with navy chinos and dark blue jeans.. Mostly casual wear. Thanks.
Hey guys, I am looking for a pair of leather shoes for daily casual wear, mostly to school. I would wear it with navy and light gray chinos and jeans. Do you think that these shoes are suitable choice? Thanks a lot!
Hey guys, since I am not from US, I can not access site properly (I can browse it, but can not see which sizes are available). I would like to ask those of you, who live in the US, to check availibility of the shoes in the pictures below: I am interested in the brown color - same as in the picture. Also the brown color.   Best would be...
Thanks a lot for reply. You are right, I would prefer more subtle buttons too. Last question - do you think that tailor could remove the epaulets on the shoulders? I do not really like it. Thank you.
Hey guys, I am looking for a autumn/winter coat and I ran into this one from CT:'s-outerwear/men's-coats/Navy-bridge-coat?q=gbpdefault||JC027NAV||||||||||||| I really like it, I think it is great value for the money and I also have another 11% discount. My question is - I am 20, going to college, also running small business. My style is mostly smart casual, I wear chinos with shirt, sweater, suede derby shoes. Do you think this peacoat...
  I am not sure if it is possible to shrink the shoes without risking doing a permament damage. You are right that the shoes could expand ever further if you would put the insoles/heel grips in the shoes, but I did put the insoles in, worn the shoes every day for about a month and  did not notice any expansion.  I would reccomend you going to some shoemaker in your area and asked him, if it is possible to make the shoes smaller - I think that the construction of the suede...
Too tight IMHO. It must be very uncomfortable. I would definitely go with one size bigger. That way you will be able to wear sweater/etc. under it.
Hey kludi, I had the same problem too - bought a suede drivers Hugo Boss and found out that they are too big. I did put a leather pads in the shoes and it is much better now. They are still a bit big, but it is a partial solution. It is also possible to buy heel grips that can reduce the space between the shoe and the heel, so you can try it aswell. Hope it helps.
Thanks a lot for the comments. Well, the shoes should be for everyday wear - mostly to school. I usually wear chinos or jeans, paired with shirt or polo (in colder weather sweater or jacket). Until now I used black oxfords as my main shoes, but it is not very comfortable and way too formal, so I need some casual yet stylish alternative.
Hey guys, I can not decide which shoes should I buy. Priorities - versatility and it should be mostly for casual wear. I have two shoes in my scope, please check it and let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.'s-shoes/men's-casual-shoes/Stone-suede-Camborne-Derby-shoes?q=gbpdefault||MF057STN|||||||||||||'s-shoes/business-casual-shoes/Sepia-Bourdon-suede-brogue-shoes?q=gbpdefault||MD009NTL|||||||||||||
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