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 Using Pale Moon, a portable version of Firefox. I'll try on a normal browser when I get home.
 The collars in the document are just those that have been designed by Luxire customers. You could always take one and modify the measurements to suit your preference.
Is lowering the belt line on trousers the same thing as reducing the back rise? I've seen this referenced multiple times in regards to cleaning up pants that bunch up on the back of peoples' legs, and I have that issue often as well. It is partly resolved in suits by wearing suspenders, but for casual pants, I need some other way to fix it.
    Sounds great!
 I guess that should have been obvious. Thanks.
 I was thinking not only for your own personal orders, but referencing somebody else's creation as well. It would make it much easier to customize something interesting that you stole from another forumite. I don't think there should be any privacy concerns with allowing one person to view a pair of pants created by another, for example.
 @luxire This may be wishful thinking, but a suggestion for the website: Since so many orders are placed by referencing a previous order number and making small tweaks, would it be possible to allow the user to enter an order number for replication, and have the dimensions/customization loaded into the order forms so they can be adjusted as needed? This would probably eliminate the need for a lot of the notes you have to read and interpret, and give the end-user some sense...
@SpooPoker Can you re-post the original announcement? I'm curious to read it and it doesn't show up in the spoiler for some reason.   Also, congrats! I look forward to winning more stuff from you!
 Thanks for your tip. I also read somewhere that it is better to begin the dyeing process while the shoes are still wet, as it will absorb more evenly. Should this be done immediately after the deglazer, before it has completely dried, or is there an interim product that's supposed to be used?
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