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Does anybody find that their wool socks shrink significantly? I bought wool and cotton in the same size, and washed them the same number of times (six or seven). I use cold water wash and hang them dry, never in a dryer. The wool socks no longer fit over my heel and they now only come up to mid-calf, as opposed to over the calf when I first bought them.
 Depends if they're going to call them "custom" and price them accordingly.
     What's the story behind the Stern autograph?
 Don't take this the wrong way, but you may not get much love from us if you aren't a well-established member here. Although if you have amazing eBay feedback, that might help.
  That's how you build loyalty right there.
I'm going to add those to my repertoire.
 I try to work that into conversation as often as possible, and I ask that people use that as an "interesting fact" when they introduce me to others.
 Don't worry, they're still there. I'm not much a fan of Thom Brown, so it sounds like the rise is just unsuitable for my stature.  The first scenario is definitely what I am dealing with. I had some suit trousers that had the same issue, and adding suspender buttons and wearing them that way almost completely eliminated the flaring. I can't see myself using suspenders with odd trousers or casual pants, so this will take some trial and error with Luxire.  No snark detected...
The room that will be converted to my theater has served as a play room for my twins, and will continue to do so for another 2-4 years, I'd imagine. It's a large second floor loft. Once the kids are a bit older, they won't need that much room to spread out their belongings, so we decided a home theater was something the entire family can enjoy. I like to think that our boys' and their friends will use it, I imagine it will be a popular Super Bowl/World Series/NBA Finals...
 You're a gentleman and a scholar.
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