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 Excellent site, I'll make good use of this for sure.  Very cool, thank you for the tip. I normally do my serious browsing on PC and mobile after I've bid to keep tabs.
I have a buying question: I have a list of more than a dozen sellers that I follow (probably all of you regulars in the thread). Is is possible to browse the items being sold by all those sellers simultaneously, by category, instead of having to go to one seller at a time?   I want to be able to make a mega-store of all of you and filter items by category.
Speaking of pools in a hot climate, does anybody have experience with a decking material that will stay cool in direct sunlight? Bluestone looks nice but apparently gets blazing hot, and in south Florida with small children using the pool, I'd like to avoid that. My wife likes travertine, and so do I, but I'm interested in alternatives.
 You're a lot shorter since the last suit I bought from you.
Feel free to save your 42S-ish Oxxford suits/SCs for whenever I am in the market.
  Thanks both of you for your input. I can see my wife being the same way. I was thinking about getting her some simple professional dresses and let her go crazy with the casual RTW stuff. She travels frequently for her job and always needs to replace things due to the lower quality fabric and construction she finds off the rack. I don't even know what women's RTW brands would be equivalent to the type of brands we tend to praise for menswear.
I thought SF didn't like true 3-buttons.
 The only trousers I've bought are the old casual chinos, which I returned because they were insanely tight. Based on measurements, the other trousers will be too snug for me as well. I'd like something with more room at the hip and thigh, while keeping a relatively slim lower leg. Higher rise and side adjusters work for me for odd trousers, while I always add suspender buttons to suits.
 On a related topic, has @luxire ever done other women's clothing, like a dress, for any SFers? My wife needs something of better quality and I don't know anything about women's clothing.
  Is the trial fabric better for a casual chino type fit, or can I use it to dial in a dress pant fit?
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