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 We may never know.  A relative of mine used to train Vince and I may have been able to get confirmation, but he unfortunately passed away several years ago.  This mystery may go unsolved.
I've been lurking here long enough that's it's time to take the plunge and buy a shirt.  I was going to buy the trial shirt, but as I'm working on my dress shirt fit, I don't want to end up with a fabric that will be unwearable with a suit.  Any recommendations on a cheap fabric that I can use as a psuedo trial?     I should say that probably ANY Luxire fabric will be superior to the shirts I used to purchase, so I'm probably far less picky than the majority of you...
 Your posture may be to blame, or at least, not correcting the pattern to compensate for your posture.  I am guessing that your hips are slightly forward (which seems to be a very common problem in today's society) and the pants are made to fit a perfectly straight profile.  Stand up, and then push your hips and butt backwards.  It should feel a bit exaggerated, but that may put you in a more "erect" posture, and it may eliminate the creases completely.  If so, you'll have...
   Thanks for taking the time to compile that info, very informative.
    I haven't made my first Luxire order (yet), but for somebody that always has shoulder issues on shirts and jackets, is this meant to correct any specific fit problem?
  To be honest, I had to look that one up.
Spoo, does that one neutral feedback drive you crazy?
 Any advice?  I do have forward sloping shoulders.  How do I compensate?
 You must be popular at parties.
Before any more answers to your question, can you share your secrets of time travel?
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