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Is the $9.99 start price with BIN option a new tactic, or for a specific consignor?
 Wow, that's a huge difference. Out of curiosity, could you share your height/weight and possibly waist size of those trousers?
For those that order suits/SCs: do you find that there is a standard deviation of the shoulder measurement from a shirt to a jacket? Are they identical?
  A week or so ago, Rick quoted me a 6 week turnaround.
@Lanieri I forgot you had so many pop-up locations. Maybe I'll hit the one in Bologna while I'm in the region for vacation in a month.     Edit: On your suits/jackets, is the shoulder style, etc., customizable? I don't see options for that when ordering online, for example, heavy padding/structure vs. no padding.
 Thanks for the constructive answer. I thought my situation a little unique, since the maker had specified only HMS fabrics as being available to them. While I may be able to find a post with the "best semi-casual mid-blue sport coat fabric," chances are pretty high that it won't be an HMS fabric. At the time, I didn't know they did CMT, but now that I know they do, that becomes less of an issue. I do try to research as much as possible before posting, but as you said, the...
Quote:Where on the forum is a better place for a menswear beginner to get more personalized recommendations about their first (non-shirt) custom garment fabric? This is a thread specifically about fabrics. I am having this jacket made several thousand miles away, and a local tailor is simply not an option in my area of south Florida (and many other places in the world). If it were, I would certainly be able to visit one and look through the books myself. In fact, I'm sure...
Very helpful, thanks for sharing. This is my first MTM from then, so since the recommendations seem to be heading back towards hopsack, I'm going to just try the one they already stock and see how it goes. Just waiting for confirmation that they have enough.
 I cross-posted the question there as well. I thought this group would have some personal experience with these fabrics as well, so I cast a wide net. I've been able to eliminate and focus on a few different fabrics thanks to the efforts of both threads, so thanks to all those who indulged me.  Very well, removed from contention. I have not seen any of these in person, because (as far as I can tell) there are no bespoke or MTM tailors anywhere near my home (unless you...
 You caught me: this was a troll post attempting to poke fun at the extent forum members analyze their clothing instead of spending that energy on something more fulfilling. Not really, I just want a cool jacket.
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