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@Kent Wang Did I miss the announcement of the cuff link giveaway winners? I can't hold my breath any longer.
 It's definitely better. I think that the long still might have been a better option, but because of the working sleeve buttons, it would have been difficult to alter properly.
I'll try to get us back on track with my usual brand of simple, "why don't you already know this?" brand of question:   Are there any general rules on what patterns are "correct" for types of clothing? For example, I sometimes see PoW checks on both jackets and ties. Unless I am mistaken, it seems popular for both items, but for other patterns, like houndstooth or herringbone, I recall reading advice that they aren't appropriate for some garments.   So, can they be...
 Good to know, thanks. I forgot about the new site; looking forward to it.
@spiermackay Just a quick note to say that your site is a bit confusing when it comes to casual shirts. I don't know if this is something that has been mentioned before, so I apologize if it has. It appears as though "Casual" is just an option of fit, alongside contemporary or slim. In my opinion, a shirt should be classified as casual or dress by the style of the shirt, not the fit. This causes confusion as seen below; shirts can be labeled "Contemporary Fit Casual Fit."...
I'm happy to announce I have just bid on LuxeSwap items for the first time ever. Wish me luck.
 They're on page 2 if you choose "What's New."
@spiermackay Does the madras bundle require three shirts? I thought I remembered seeing two or more, but I'm not getting the bundle pricing with only two shirts in the cart.
 @KemalOnyurt can you provide any insight on sizing as asked above?
 Look one post higher.
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