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I've seen this covered sporadically throughout this thread, but would like to get a consensus. For those of you who don't like button down collars, what's your go-to choice for casual shirts?
Two questions:     1)  Since I'm not a fan of loafers, and live in deathly hot south Florida, what are my options for casual shoes to wear with shorts? I sweat far too much to wear pants during the middle of summer. Keep in mind that I'm in my early 30s.       2)  Similarly, I'm not crazy about button-down collars on casual shirts (I know this may be slightly controversial here). What are some other CM-approved collar options for casual shirts? Pics would be great...
 I am still waiting to hear back from Luxire. I'd imagine I'll increase the front by 1/4" at the chest and 1/2" at the waist and bottom, and not remove anything from the back chest but remove 1/4" - 1/2" from the back waist and bottom. I am more concerned with the shoulder and creasing around the armpits, which may be a result of slope angle more so than tightness.
I had a similar question about sizing and got a very fast response after emailing customer service. I also wear an E width in that AE last and they recommended to size up half a size to compensate, so I'm guessing they'll tell you to buy a 12.
Definitely going to check back in a few months.
Can anybody else compare the Elton and Hui lasts to each other or an AE last?
That's very possible, thanks.
Is it just me, or did AE change some of their pricing mid-sale? I could have sworn that Park Aves were $279 earlier today, but now that shoe is going for over $325.
Thanks for getting back to me. I'll email you now.
Thank you, I will reach out to him. Does he have a direct email address? I am hoping to make a purchase decision in the next two weeks.To clarify, in your opinion, you don't think it would be necessary to size down from the US 9E to your UK sizing? I thought it was customary to reduce by a half to a full size. I'll do some reading on your return policy, just in case.
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