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   Thanks for taking the time to compile that info, very informative.
    I haven't made my first Luxire order (yet), but for somebody that always has shoulder issues on shirts and jackets, is this meant to correct any specific fit problem?
  To be honest, I had to look that one up.
Spoo, does that one neutral feedback drive you crazy?
 Any advice?  I do have forward sloping shoulders.  How do I compensate?
 You must be popular at parties.
Before any more answers to your question, can you share your secrets of time travel?
Bump - is my shirt that far off that nobody can offer an opinion?  
I am hoping for some input on the fit of my trial shirt as well.  Sorry about the bad lighting, I have a decent camera, just no damn clue how to use it:       My measurements:     Impressions of the shirt are that the bicep measurement is too small; the shirt is very tight when I bend my arms.  Also, the chest is tight, as you can see the shirt pulling all the time around the third button.  I think I may need to increase the...
I know I'm late on this, but I'll throw in a suggestion in case anybody else is interested: check out the Endorphin Rush model by Jaybird Gear:   http://www.jaybirdgear.com
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