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Isaia Napoli Charcoal Grey Wool Aquaspider Reverse Pleat Flat Front Pants 52 A1P   Well, which is it, man?!
I already bought all these once and now I'm getting the next size up, and these are all the colors I want! $8 isn't too much to ask for shipping, anyway.
"Add $0.040000000000006 of products to qualify for free shipping"     @spiermackay Why do I get the feeling that the sales price of these polos was set very carefully? Where on your site are the $0.040000000000006 gift cards?
@Newcomer Do you stand in a way that your torso is turned slightly left? The buttoning point of your jackets don't seem to line up with the center of your trousers. It's more obvious in some shots than others. I'm definitely inexperienced compared to probably everybody in this thread, but I've never noticed this in anybody else's pics.
 That's my only complaint; the collars very easily curl and bunch up.
@SpooPoker One more question that I think I'd asked before: where do you normally take the hip measurement on pants? Is there a standard? Bottom of pocket opening or something?
 If you check your "Coats & Jackets" category, there are 80 total listings. However, if you use every size filter to the left, one at a time, and add up all the results, there are only 44 listings represented. The items where the size is numeric (like this one) don't show up in any of the filters. Buyers like me who always filter each category by size would miss out on almost half of the items in that category.
@SpooPoker Are your jackets with numerical sizes also labeled with S, M, L, XL, etc? I normally filter most categories by size, but you can't filter by the numerical sizes in that category, and I don't see any of them in the results when I filter by Large, for example.
@Deo Veritas Send me a plaster mold with a return shipping package so you have a perfect replication of my torso!
 The design has three LEDs in total, two full-sized lights and one low-profile that will reside on the sun shelf. The builder we're leaning towards does those Omnilogic systems, but since we live in south Florida, we're probably skipping the heater and spa. Water is plenty warm without it, and we'd prefer to maximize the pool area rather than lose that space to a spa. I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost just to turn on the deck jets remotely.
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