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 This is really impressive to hear. I've been hesitating because I know that the size I probably need based on the measurement chart (44S) isn't available and I'd have to do MTM. I am hoping that a 44R is a close fit and MTM would only require it to be shortened slightly.
 Forgive my ignorance, but what is an RO?
The watch looks nice, although I agree with the comment in the Poor Man's Watch thread that the company name is much too large and prominent on the dial. I'll stick around and keep an eye on your pieces, though.
I think I may experiment with skim coating on a smaller room, like our closet or one of our sons' rooms. I'm sure that my technique will be awful at first, but hopefully with some practice I'll prove to her that it's worth spending the time. The part that scares me is our very open living/dining/kitchen. I can't imagine doing that whole space in a single day, but maybe if I save it for last I'll be a pro by the time I get to it.
 My home has an awful drywall texture. I've complained and complained about it to my wife, but honestly, smoothing the entire house is just not something for which I have the patience. She doesn't think it's annoying enough to actually pay somebody to refinish. Therefore, when we paint the interior in the coming year or so, we'll try to come up with a color and sheen that hides the texture as much as possible. Or, if we paint ourselves (which is likely), I'll convince her...
 That's actually exactly what I am doing. I looked into the behind-drywall speaker options and wasn't crazy about them, so I've get a few different sets of in-walls to test. Afterwards, we're going to have a very bare wall, and even as much as we like minimalism, we need some sort of visual interest. I don't like accent walls that are simply painted a different color, but my wife found those examples that would go well with the midcentury aesthetic that's all the rage...
Anybody have experience with a DIY accent wall as seen in the spoiler? My wife wants in-wall speakers to clean up the TV wall, and wants me to install something similar to the picture. I was thinking of starting the wood/paneling just barely under the bottom of the television and bringing it all the way to the ceiling. I thought that would be easier than covering the wall from top to bottom, since I'd need to make cutouts for the center channel speaker.   [[SPOILER]]
 Now THAT'S precision!
I'm going with A, please.
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