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Great hair. Along with everything else.
I just happened to come across this thread and googled Jack Chauhan to bring some of my suits for alteration. Unfortunately, it seems that he passed away earlier this year.
 This isn't going to answer your question at all, but I don't know that I would trust a guide that instructs anybody to use "plenty of polish." General consensus seems to be to use relatively small amounts.
 That's what I'll do as well, but I'll probably get 6 45 lb bumpers to start out with, as well as the smaller bumpers for my wife. I'm also building a platform for my garage gym (lots of tutorials online, you should look into it) so when I need 405 or more, I'll just use regular metal plates to make up the rest. I won't be holding that much weight overhead for a long time, if ever, and the platform will have enough padding to take the force of a dropped deadlift without...
 Jumping in here a bit late, but there's another application of this practice that I dislike even more severely than on watches: the recent trend in decorating for a designer to put a sign on the wall that describes the purpose of the room. I know that I'm standing in the kitchen, I don't need a reminder to "E A T" in large, vintage distressed letters. I've never found myself in a strange room of my house, confused about its purpose, until I saw "Laundry" spelled out on...
 I'm interested in this answer as well. I'm transitioning to a home gym soon and I've been scouring Craigslist off and on, but nothing good has come up in my area. I was considering just buying a few sets of 45 lbers, but then I realized that my wife is probably going to need some lighter plates. Those Rogue sets with an extra couple pairs of 45 might be the way to go unless somebody has a different recommendation.
 Great ideas, thank you. To be fair, it's possible that I'm just wearing the wrong shirts with those grey and navy suits to "bridge the gap" to my green ties. I like some of those other options, though. I wear contacts, but I do have a pair of glasses if my eyes are irritated or I want to give them a rest, so that might actually work.
 Not sure I'm willing to make that leap...  Not any longer, but I was a competitive weightlifter back in high school. Won a state championship back in my glory day.
Seems like this thread has turned into a social club for lifters... accepting new members?
 Thanks for your input. Actually, the company does provide a small magnetized lapel emblem that I wear, but this is supposed to be in addition to that emblem. Maybe I'll throw some green laces in my shoes...
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