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Looking for the 2011 version of the A2 bomber, send me a message with your price and hopefully we can work something out.
$33 coupon code for TBS from their Facebook page:   To all our Facebook friends, here's a code that gives you 25€ on   Use the code at checkout corresponding to your currency SEPT-USD SEPT-EUR SEPT-GBP SEPT-SEK
In the United States, will pay gift if you have decent reputation. Send me your price.
I'm assuming the black denim won't bleed, but I wanted to confirm before I destroy a pair of shoes. Can anybody confirm?
Yep I feel exactly the same. I'm a small in both, Everlane shirt is a little tighter around my chest though.
I just tried it and it worked for me. Are you in the US?
Send thenanyu a PM and he'll activate your account so you don't have to do the inviting nonsense.
Are they not stocking their backpack anymore?   I am 5'11", 155lb, 37" chest and the S fits me quite well.
Ah... I've never anticipated a purchase more eagerly than the moto I ordered earlier this week.
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