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Cifonelli plaid cashmere blazer - good buy at
                Thanks for all the well wishes guys.  Caught a flight in to Indianapolis this morning, then hauled ass down to Louisville, where my parents were taking care of our dog over vacation.  His condition was worse than I had realized - I think he'd just been holding on to see us again.  We all had some time to say goodbye, then took him over to our family vet where they confirmed my thoughts.  Pretty tearful day all around, but he passed in the company of loved...
Yep, all of that.  And for that last one, I usually stop being friends with them if I hear it more than once.
 I actually found Vicuna yesterday and left it.  It was a vicuna cashmere blend, extremely dated pinstripe orphan, and felt like it had been dry cleaned to death.  But I did find vicuna. Sadly, my thrift-funded trip to San Diego didn't yield much.  Either I was looking in the wrong places, or the local guys have it locked down tight.  And the trip has taken a turn for the worse, as American Airlines managed to screw up their scheduling so badly that we missed our...
I rarely see Gucci, so it's not a brand I'm familiar with. Also, looooong day, didn't remember that was the Zegna tag.
Need an authenticity check on this Gucci:
  As others have said, that's Winston Tailors.  I've flipped several over the years, and it's really just a matter of patience.  I've got one listed now and several others going up soon.  I usually mention Chipp in the headline (I know, it's kind of keyword spamming) and then describe it is Winston Tailors (formerly Chipp).  
  Well, I don't know how to resolve it, but I just checked out several other xxl RLPL sweater auctions and their measurements are pretty much the same as yours.  Whether that argument would hold water with ebay customer service is uncertain, I've literally never come out ahead with them.
Hey everybody, I'd like to suggest the removal of a user from the blacklist.  Name is chasmeng, and as far as I can tell, he had 1 bad transaction with somebody in 2008 or earlier.  He's gotten quite a bit of good feedback since then, and I just had a positive sale to him after he messaged me asking why he couldn't bid on one of my items.
Bit of a rant. I've had a string of good, but somewhat insulting feedback lately. First up: Shoes were purchased on Sunday. Packed and label printed on Sunday, sent out USPS priority on Monday, at the buyers house just after noon on Wednesday. I think that's a pretty good time to get clear across Ohio. WTF? It's a linen sport coat, of course it's going to be a bit wrinkled after being shipped cross country in a box. This guy... There is no way those shoes needed...
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