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And the demons attached to Charvet, Brioni, Hermes, John Lobb, etc are especially finicky, so just leave those at the thrift store. Especially if found in the greater Cincinnati area...
I guess some people don't get rich by doing right by the little people :(
^if it was hand sewn by Walt Disney, maybe?
 yeah, but... he's Batman.  Well, batman18. Also,  a) is this legit and b) what would you call the pattern/title the auction? [[SPOILER]]
Still haven't found a Barbour jacket, but this is the nicest of their sweaters I've found.
Good lord, look at the rest of that guys auctions.
...those would make my week. Never found Cucinelli before...
Having my first shipping problem as a seller. Shipped out a package last Tuesday, it arrived in Norfolk VA on Thursday and hasn't moved any closer to its delivery address since. The buyer has messaged me twice asking for an update on the shipping - is it still my responsibility to contact USPS at this point, or should the buyer?
Santoni shell captoes, 11D with trees for $252 obo
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