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Forget stocks. I'm investing in Ralph Lauren boots.
Seconded, that shirt is awesome.
^nominated for the most entertaining post of the new thread.
Made a wide loop through Cincinnati to make up for the week in San Diego (and week recovering).  Here's the loot:   Jos A. Banks shawl collar dinner jacket (for $1, why not?)     J Crew Ludlow cotton summer suit, staple navy.  Fabric by Crespi.       Jos Banks Sig Gold staple navy suit (by Zegna I believe)     Brooks Brothers windowpane sportcoat (another bargain purchase at $0.29)   I have a bag with 20+ Brooks Brothers ties, but these were the...
  Send them to me and I'll help confirm whether they are 11E or not 
shell yeah!
That's definitely a thing, I came across some of their stuff a couple years ago.  And cashmere?!?  Brodeetz!
Pullitzer pop.
Yep, the withdrawal would ruin the whole thing for me.
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