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I remember that machine, freaking sweet. I saw one at a consignment up here, they wanted $400. Gone 2 days later.
Ultimate Grail.
I don't think that's a good thing, actually.
Once in a very long while it's worth the pickup.
Don't understand it, but I won't complain.
Wasn't somebody looking for a navy tux? Just picked up a vintage Richman, shawl collar.
Are we competing with loud tweeds this week?  No idea if I ever posted these before, working through a couple of the backlog racks.  First isn't loud, but awesome:          
 And ended the weekly sales conversation.  Although I'm perfectly happy with my $1200-$1500 weeks... for now.
 So whats my next step? Tracking showed delivered, am I done?
  Speaking of trouble with buyers... Another one just opened a case, says that the item was delivered then stolen off of his porch.  Is it on him to open a case with USPS or me?  I shipped USPS priority, so it should be insured.
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