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Can't speak for others, but I'd pay $150 for that.  
Getting back to "The official thrift/discount store bragging" here's my finds from yesterday.  Nothing mind blowing, but considering how dry it's been here lately (the day before I walked into one of my favorite stores and watched a dude rolling out a cart full of suits, with a patchwork donegal tweed cap sitting on top - curses!) It was nice to find anything.  Haven't had a chance to photograph much of today's stuff.   2x PRL (solid one feels like velvet), BB, and a...
 Dunno, in Spoo's hands that could have made a nice investment...
...wtf happened to the thread? I had my wife read a couple of posts by today's most... prolific... poster, and she looked at me with very wide eyes and stated he may be unhinged. It's just clothes, guys. Calm down and go thrift some. By the way just picked up two late 1960s GTH plaid tweed sport coats for $.09 each. Sales tax holiday to boot.
 hnnnngg I love that pattern why do they have to be long!?
Nice. I love my digital rebel, wish I had a decent lighting setup.
Messaged the buyer, he apologized for the inconvenience, and gave me another address. Different from either of the prior addresses.DOESN'T HE KNOW WHERE HE LIVES?
Buyer purchased a shirt from me a month ago. I shipped it to his PayPal verified address in Chicago, where it was held for several days before being returned as undeliverable as addressed. Customer gave me a new address and paid another shipping fee, also in Chicago, and I sent the shirt back out. Just came back yesterday, undeliverable again. Any recommendations on how to proceed?
Hey now, let's keep this civil. I don't want to hear any negativity about Strange Brew, sarcastic or otherwise.
That explains a lot. Of all the times I've called eBay customer service, I get favorable results maybe 30-40% of the time. Usually I end up with some scripted crap about "the buyers opinion" and they completely ignore that I document everything in the listing.
New Posts  All Forums: