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 I haven't responded to him (these 12 hour days plus 2 hour commute are destroying me right now).  I can't even wrap my brain around a civil response to send to the guy.  Maybe in the morning...
Haven't had much time to thrift the last week.  Picked up some interesting wool/tweed sportcoats.            
Awesome, thanks!
 Yeah, that bugs the crap out of me.  Or the message I got tonight from a buyer, telling me they will pay a week from Friday when they get paid.  Had no money, but still needed to outbid a bunch of other people and drive the price up on a (very) seasonal item up. If I wait and he doesn't pay, there is no way I'm going to get as much for the item (3pc velvet suit 36L).  So I'm basically stuck for nearly two weeks hoping he actually comes through. Is there a way to keep the...
Epic in my book. If be happy thrifting any/all of those.
A. Ignore.B. Say yes and include link to relisted item.
If you're driving, I'm on the path there...What say we put together a SF caravan and plunder all the thrifts between Louisville and Oyster Bay?
I was just looking for one of these on Etsy & Ebay last night.  Stopped by a shop while grabbing lunch and picked this up.    
 That's a great question that I don't really know the answer to.  Found similar sold sweaters from the 1990s (and mine appears to be in better condition) going for 250-350 on the 'bay.  18 minutes after listing it, I had my first message.  Within 30 minutes, I'd gotten three offers, a couple bids, and an ebay member had requested my contact information (I believe they wanted to call me directly to haggle over price).  Kind of a new arena for me, but I definitely won't be...
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