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nice screen.
...there is a browse function. You can easily look by category and then slowly narrow on exactly what you want. Keyword spamming destroys the functionality of the search function, is at least frowned upon if not outright against the rules, and pisses me off to no end.
It's effing irritating because I have a bunch of saved searches set up to look for fairly specific items and I end up with all this other garbage because of keyword spamming.
One stop today. Shell MacNeil, 2x AE Graysons in a weird color. AE loafers, Tyrwhitt (by Loake I believe) John Comfort shotgun shell tie, Vineyard Vines, BB, Holland & Holland by MD.
I have that exact coat without the hood. One of my favorites.
Had the most amazing dream. Was in a huge Goodwill and kept finding pair after pair of NWOB Allen Edmonds, must have grabbed 20-30 pair, cart was overflowing. I was already planning my kitchen remodel with this wealth of riches. Then my wife walked up and wanted to show me the tie haul she picked up while I was ransacking shoes... And she started to hand me polyester clip-on ties. My brain, trying to process this twisted turn of events, realized something was terribly...
Seriously? Wow, I saw that picture first thing when I woke up (yeah, checking the thread is the first thing I do in the morning) and Cthurkey was my first thought.
Behold the Cthurkey! Tremble before the Elder Gods.
I'll trade you a Barbour for your NWT GUCCI jacket...
   Unless you have over a million in gross receipts you can file on a cash basis accounting method.  Meaning, you deduct the expenses when incurred, not when the item is sold.  See IRS Publication 334.
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