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With the changes in the Spring Seller Update, have you guys altered your mix of auction vs BIN?
Hmm, looks like a jacket to me.
Damn straight. From limited edition David Hockneys to Bert Pulitzer ties (although those are known as "The Spoo Exception"), if an item has value and style, this group has an expert on it, and has written about it at length in the last 137k posts.
Just stopped by one of my local shops, which I have been waiting to stock new jackets for a couple of weeks... to see a guy I did not recognize cleaning it out. Jackets hanging off the cart, full basket... Any chance it was a fellow Cincinnati thrifter at the St Vinnie's on Glenway between 8-8:30? (Just wanted to make sure I'm not cursing one of our own...)
I'd certainly pay for a beginners guide for breaking into another market. Wouldn't need to be exhaustive, but enough to cover all the basic terminology and let potential buyers know that questions about items will get answered faster if asked in English.After all, lots of us dropped $50 on copies of Garagesale to speed up out listings on eBay.
Sounds like you could make some money creating a Rakuten beginners translation package and selling it here...
^^seconded, beautiful find.
Hey guys, can I get a recommendation on a good steam iron? I've seen rowenta and ironmaven mentioned, looking for one that has the separate reservoir.
What are the odds that I'm in exactly the same spot?Picked up some ties for myself.And a big shoutout to @Orgetorix for pointing out a local craigslist ad that had been up for 10 days with no love.
Somewhere on the interwebz, a lesson is being prepared...
New Posts  All Forums: