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That's the plan here as well.
We did have Horseshoe Casino open in town about a year ago...
Yeah, two years seems like a little much time to put into a con, but I could see somebody jumping on an opportunity.  I did request seller information, but haven't received anything yet.  Wondering how long that process takes.
^okay, given that something looks fishy there, would you wait until a case could be opened, or call ebay and ask wtf is up with this guy?  If he's legit, I can't imagine he wouldn't want to save on shipping a 27 pound espresso machine across town...
Paranoid then?
Trying to decide if I'm being paranoid or scammed.     [[SPOILER]]
...unless you guys want to post my auctions. I won't complain. Also, if anyone desperately feels the need to share the link to some underpriced, awesome auction, my inbox is always open.
...Linda should NEVER hire a spell-checker...
If an auction had three day handling, and I paid Monday morning, what is the latest I should expect to see shipping info? Wednesday or Thursday? The reason I ask is because I purchased a (fairly heavy) home appliance from a seller in the same city as me. The auction stated free shipping, and immediately after paying I sent the seller a message stating I would be happy to arrange a local pickup to save him some cash on shipping. I've gotten no response, and the item still...
Whew, thank goodness, I was worried that it would never end!
New Posts  All Forums: