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Buyer requested a return and I approved.  If he doesn't ship it back by the date ebay gave (Dec 7)  what happens next?  Do I call ebay and have them close out the return?  Does it close automatically?
Finally found my Barbour. Need to get the sleeves shortened a little bit. Grail achieved.
UPS, I hate you in the worst way.     They didn't even come to my house once.  I have no effing idea what the delivery guy was doing.
Picked up a couple of sportcoats while in Louisville visiting my parents last week.  All n/a.     Moleskin by Lands End.  Ticket pocket and functional cuffs.       Oxxford.  Killer pattern.         Brooks Brothers.  Awesome gun club check.      
 Seconded, hoping it is and isn't Cincinnati...
 Pretty sure I've had a run-in with that guy before.
Delivered 3 days ago, no messages since.
Hey Spoo, did you ever hear anything else from this buyer?
Found some interesting stuff.  Could I get an authenticity check on this Gucci suit?  Also, how would I determine whether it's Tom Ford era (and if not, what is it?)               Also found this quilted moto-style RLX jacket.    
New Posts  All Forums: